a small-scale thanksgiving...

Today is Thanksgiving here in Canada and I am grateful...

certainly for the sweetest, most considerate comments from my bloggy friends on my anniversary post.   Your friendship has been a blessing this past year.

And for the acts of kindness that have come my way when I have needed it the most.

When Court woke up on Sunday morning, squashed between Kevin and I, and said "what are we going to do first today?" I told him to get dressed because we were going OUT for coffee.  My dear friend had given me a gift card and we were going to use it.

He made sure to bring a magazine for me to read although I never got the chance.  We simply dunked our biscotti in my coffee and talked about the day ahead. My boy is at his loveliest first thing in the morning when, I am afraid, I am not.  I took the time to drink this special little person in along with my pumpkin spice coffee misto...and to kiss his cheeks.

Later that day I fixed a small-scale thanksgiving following the recipes found in the November 2009 issue of Cookie magazine which folded like so many last year.  Missing Cookie magazine.

The roasted cranberries and pears were yummy...

and I made my first pumpkin pie at Kevin's request.

Now I just hope to have the opportunity this week to give back to those that have been so lovely to me...

and show how thankful I really am.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Tara!! that pumpkin pie looks yummy!

  2. Your food looks delish. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  3. Hope you had a great day!!

    The food looks very yummy : )

    Love Gemma x

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! I've just found your blog and it looks lovely and interesting - congratulations on your anniveray too! I'm looking forward to reading your previous posts.
    Helen x

  5. What a lovely day! You write your gratitude well. And that pie? It's beautiful. Are you sure it's your first pumpkin pie???

  6. I miss Cookie too :-(

    Can we plan on meeting please??
    I think I love you

  7. oh, this is beautiful, and for some reason it made me want to cry when i read about you taking your boy out for coffee... and he, at his loveliest, when you are at your not-so-loveliest... isn't this grace, given through ones so young? love to you, friend.

  8. thanks for mentioning cookie! i thought i was the only one missing it that desperately. (much like domino gone before it :( and violet)
    love your pictures
    yahoo for thanksgiving starbucks and good friends
    you keep being an adorable inspiration to me

  9. lovely blog and beautiful table decorations for thanksgiving! ciao

  10. Roasted cranberries and pears!?? These sound amazing - I want to know more!!

  11. What a wonderful Thanksgiving you had! We had 2 dinners ~ so good, so good. Loving your first pumpkin pie and those roasted pears and cranberries look delish!

  12. That meal looks soooo yummy!!!!

  13. I'm sorry we didn't meet yesterday I didn't know what was you ...

  14. The meal looks great. I'd love it if you'd post the recipe for the pears and cranberries, looks delish. I love the coffee date you had with the wee one, what a doll! It makes me miss my weekly coffee date with mine. He started Kindergarten this year and our Wednesday morning date is no longer.


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