Steven & Chris and a blemish...

Steven & Chris

Yesterday was a blur.  It was a whole bunch of bloggy fun...and then some.

I was invited, along with many other local bloggers, to attend a taping of the Steven and Chris Show in downtown Toronto at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).  I grew up listening to CBC on the radio and watching their television shows.  Steven and Chris have clearly found a home there and it shows.  They were natural and very, very funny and made us all feel special. 

Jenny McCarthy was a guest on the show and Chris did a fun interview...

Jenny McCarthy

They served us the delicious pulled pork sandwiches that they made with chef Rodney Bowers and invited us back into the studio for an informal Q and A. 

It was then that I was able to meet up with Liz and Jennifer for the first time in person and they were kind and lovely. There were bloggers too that I saw but was too shy to approach and more still that are new to me and I look forward to checking out. 

Except for the huge blemish that appeared on my face and I discovered at the end of the day, like a piece of lettuce in one's teeth, it was altogether fabulous. And fun.  

I have a swag bag to giveaway which includes 4 tickets to the Steven & Chris show...I think they are free anyway but I'm going with it! Just leave a comment if you want it.


  1. WOW sounds like such fun!

  2. I was sitting at the top row so didn't get to spot you until the very end of the then it was too late to say hello! It was a great day and I hope to meet you soon! Don't worry about the one but you noticed!

  3. First of all Tara, you looked beautiful!! I was so glad to finally meet you!! I had such a blast :) I hope we all get to meet up again soon...the day went by so fast.

    Great pics BTW!!

  4. Wowsa! Seriously----that would've been some kind of crazy, wonderful day. I'm sort of star struck just reading this post. I would've embarrassed myself for sure! :)

  5. oh fun! And I woke with a blemish...ugh

    how do I score a ticket to come see you???????
    I am thinking of a NYC blogger get in????

  6. It was so great meeting you Tara. Blemish or no blemish, you were just as lovely in person as you are on your blog. Hope we get to meet up again soon (and I promise to keep my eyes open in any photos we take together ;) ).

  7. You are the cutest, loveliest person EVER... with out without the B... !! ;) I'm SO glad you had such a good day .. you deserve it :)
    xoxoxo love ilks

  8. Hi, I just found your blog from Sense and Simplicity. I love discovering other Canadian blogs. How cool that you saw the show. I'm your newest follower.

  9. Hi Tara, my friend Shirley & I met you & your mom before the taping of the show the other day & I found your site though their blogroll (how cool is that?). Anyway, nice post & I didn't notice the blemish if it makes you feel any better:)

  10. Ah to live near a big city that offers more than perogies during the Ukrainian festival...I'm in Winnipeg...sigh...
    I just came from Pamela's blog where I also got the Steven and Chris details. Lucky ducks!

  11. You know, I almost came, too! I was invited and seriously considered flying to Toronto, then thought, "Who the heck am I, Linda Rockefeller?"

    I would have loved getting together with you and Chris, of Just Beachy, and all of the other great bloggers.

    Glad to hear it was a great time (and happy to see that there is no *whining* by the bloggers who attended (a la Nate's show)!


  12. The taping was great fun, I just wish there was a way that I could have identified more bloggers. Hard to put a face with a blog sometimes!

  13. Love to see fellow bloggers get together and what a great place to do it!! Scanned through some other blogs and sounds like you had a blast.

  14. Wow! That sounds like soo much fun!

    Don't worry about the blemish. I'm sure its much more noticable to you than anyone else. ; )


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