almost there

I may have had just a touch of the spirit this weekend.

It started, as it usually does, with the first snow.

Central Park - NYC snow last winter

Early Sunday morning as I walked hand in mittened hand with Court to grab my morning coffee, the snow flakes started to fall.

We woke up in a downtown Toronto hotel and mommy desperately needed a Starbucks red cup.  I had been to the Canadian Design Bloggers Meetup the previous night and there had been some wine.

I had the red, thank you very much.

Jennifer did a fabulous job, as usual, summing up the night.  There were so many talented, thoughtful women! I'm still feeling a little overwhelmed to have been a part of it.


If your fall mums are looking like this...

but you aren't quite ready...

or perhaps you lack the time, energy, and drive to do this...

do this...


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