Dear Santa...

all I want for Christmas is a new pair of running shoes...

and maybe something special from the One of a Kind Show.

As we did last year, my mum and I are heading off to the show tomorrow.

I didn't think we'd make it this year...

until I got a free ticket in my Canadian Design Bloggers Meetup swag bag (thank you ladies!)...

and until I realized that the sweet things that were purchased last year are just about my favourite pieces...

of this past year.

I can't wait to be inspired.


As the snow fell on Saturday morning and Court escaped outside to catch it, I served up breakfast to three sleepy girls.

Although we said we would never do it again...we hosted a sleepover.

Watching Nanny McPhee Returns (♥ it so much) and getting Court to bed early made it somewhat bearable.

Charlotte likes to whine about the fact that she doesn't have many Nintendo DS games and since I respond to it by telling her to be proud of that fact, I made her everything she and her friends asked for at breakfast instead.

She will thank me later.


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