Dear Santa...

all I want for Christmas is a new pair of running shoes...

and maybe something special from the One of a Kind Show.

As we did last year, my mum and I are heading off to the show tomorrow.

I didn't think we'd make it this year...

until I got a free ticket in my Canadian Design Bloggers Meetup swag bag (thank you ladies!)...

and until I realized that the sweet things that were purchased last year are just about my favourite pieces...

of this past year.

I can't wait to be inspired.


As the snow fell on Saturday morning and Court escaped outside to catch it, I served up breakfast to three sleepy girls.

Although we said we would never do it again...we hosted a sleepover.

Watching Nanny McPhee Returns (♥ it so much) and getting Court to bed early made it somewhat bearable.

Charlotte likes to whine about the fact that she doesn't have many Nintendo DS games and since I respond to it by telling her to be proud of that fact, I made her everything she and her friends asked for at breakfast instead.

She will thank me later.


  1. everything looks so delish... are you joining the bake n blog on wednesday hosted by Kelly at Jax Does Design?... it should be good!

  2. I would come to a "big girls" sleepover if you serve a yummy breakfast like that!
    Have a blast at the show ~ I am jealous.

  3. Sleepovers! yay!

    YOUR BREAKFAST LOOKS AMAZING...I love everything about your table. It looks so homey. I love the red splatterware...:)

  4. Your running shoes look well used!

    And YUM, breakfast looks delicious! Especially those cinnamon buns... mmmmmm!

    Have fun at the show, and be sure to let us know what you buy :-)


  5. so true! edibles beat techno-playables every time. do you have an EB games near you? $5 used DS games. buy them as a surprise and wrap them up. nearly every paper route cent earned lands there

  6. That looks like a fantastic breakfast...seriously drooling...and I am right there with you on the running shoes, I need me some new ones as well! :) Happy Tuesday sweet girl!

  7. this all sounds and looks divine! Hope you have an amazing time.

  8. Girls wanting DS games. I am holding out on getting my little girl (6 yrs old) a DS because I am worried she will lose it at school.

    I am not a breakfast person but if I ever had my buddies over for a sleepover that would have been an awesome way to wake up.

  9. Wow what a feast. Hope you fill us in with what you buy at The One of a Kind Show.


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