give and take

these pictures will have nothing to do with this post

I am having one of those working mom moments...

I just feel like it is simply impossible to fit it all in.

Although it is almost light during my morning is pitch black when I pull in at the end of the day. 

There is no light for pictures.

Dinner needs to be made and cleaned up.  Homework needs to be done and put away.  The kids need to be played with and cuddled. 

The hubby needs...

some attention.

My mind races all day long of things I want to share...

and make...

and do.

But there is simply no time.

I am going to blame the nap I took on Sunday.

Such an indulgence that I simply can't remember the last time I did that.  Of course I really wasn't completely asleep...because there was still lots going on.  I just chose NOT to respond and kept my eyes closed.

My life is a big give and take.  I will manage to get one thing done...but will have to leave another.

Yesterday, dinner was homemade and served by candle light...but the clean clothes piled up and are still not folded.

The beds got changed...but the tub did not get scrubbed.

I played the memory game AND tinker-toys with Court after dinner...but the kitchen floor remains a sticky mess.

The fridge got cleaned out...but I missed my morning run.

This morning I will RUN...but the puzzles will stay scattered in the hallway...

and this is how it will go on.  And on... ♥


  1. I woke up feeling the same this morning...I can't get it all in...everything competes with everything else. Some weeks great...most weeks I slip here & there. At least your running & cuddling..that's all that matters. As for the housekeeping...get a cleaning use of $200/month EVER!

  2. I understand totally where you are coming from. Unfortunately, my exercise has slipped. And as I look around our living room there is stuff all over the place and a basket of clean clothes waiting to be folded. And I take those kind of naps too.... with a little sticky face in my face whispering "mim?" Now I don't have any answers or suggestions for you, your post just spoke to me.
    I do think the cuddles are the most important though... for everyone involved :)

  3. I so hear you - and my kids are much older than yours. It is a constant balancing act.

  4. Being a mom is UBER demanding!
    Be kind to yourself...

  5. I can so relate to this my son cried this morning while I was cleaning up a bed that had a little accident, and getting his breakfast ready, and loading loads of laundry, thinking I am going to be late for work and getting home in time to take a walk will out of the I see exactly where you are coming from, a give and take...some days are harder then others!

  6. It's just never ending isn't it, but you know what your kids won't remember if the tub was clean or the laundry not done they will remember that you took the time out for them.I don't work and I feel for you and wonder why I still can't get all the things done that I need to get done.Ugh! ~Cheers Kim

  7. *sigh* I feel the same way sometimes and I'm not even a mom! But that's life, it's all about finding a balance that keeps you happy.

    Have a great rest of your week!!

  8. It is hard to get anything done during the week and the week-ends are just way too short. Throw a couple of kiddies into the mix and you have your life! I feel your pain and I just have furry children!

  9. but you are getting the balance right and that's what matters! :)
    none of us get everything we want done -- we expect too much of ourselves when we're making the to do lists.

  10. Well said. I sometimes wish I could be a stay at home mom, but they seem to feel the same way too. On a fast moving train that never stops!!

  11. and from a mom who stays at is all the same

    it IS the give and take
    it is finding the thing you choose to pay attention to
    and the things you choose to let go

    so much easier said than done

    well..tonight I read a chapter book in bed to Annie
    but I didn't work out

    and I took Luke to the park
    but didn't clean the mini van

    I did the laundry
    but never put it away

    and yes
    it goes on and on and on and on....

  12. Oh Momma, I can relate to this post...
    I took the Christmas stuff out and now I can't see my dining room table, and it's been four days!

  13. Ahhh what a great post! Funny how there is comfort in knowing you aren't alone. :) Sometimes you need to read it in someone else's word to realize that much of your to do list can wait (but not forever)...

    Too bad I missed meeting you at the meet-up, but happy to have found your blog! :)

  14. Wow. Couldn't have said it better myself!


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