just not ready...

Mudroom welcome December 2009
I am not ready for Christmas.  The holiday magazines are piling up and I just can't open them.

Not yet.

I've loved this fall...

and I'm going to squeeze every last crisp, crunchy, brown, leaf out of it...

before I hang my stockings.


Today I drove around in the town where Kevin and I started our married life.

I kind of got choked up when I passed our first house which we bought shortly after we married. 

And where we had Charlotte.

We sold it when Charlotte was just a year old. 

That year of getting to know my little girl in that cozy english cottage in the beautiful lakeside town was sweet.

I found this picture of her nursery and was surprised at how much I still love it...

I mean that was over 9 years ago and I think I would still do the periwinkle and the gauzy drapes with the embossed bumble bees. 

That C on the shelf came from my first visit to Anthropologie...the gem of a store I "found" during a fun trip with friends to Chicago over 11 years ago.  The start of my Anthro love affair. Sigh...

I miss that house.  I miss the window hardware and the shiny pine floors.  I miss walking Charlotte in the stroller down to the lake, to the library...

and to Starbucks where total strangers would comment on her chubby kissable cheeks.

Now Charlotte is asking Santa for an iPod touch.

No...I'm just not ready.


  1. awww i know what you mean...happy weekending!

  2. awww I liked this post, very cute!
    Christmas seems to come faster every year.

  3. You always say things just perfectly! Have a great weekend :)

  4. I agree - I want to enjoy the rest of fall too. The Christmas season always creeps up way to quickly. I love the baby nursery pic - before we moved from our old place this past summer I took a bunch of photos of my son's room and I get really sentimental when I look at them now.

  5. oh geez...my son who is 9 is askng for an ipod touch...I am not ready for that either....:)

  6. It was so great to meet you last night. All that partying has plum tuckered me out though. We have some planning to do for Thursday - what fun! I can't wait.

  7. Amazing meeting you last night! I wish we could have chatted more - the night just flew by!!

  8. Love this post ~ I think I am in denial ~ I look at the calendar and cannot believe that I should be hauling out my decorations next week-end not to mention the shopping, cards and baking. I am trying to simplify this year ~ let's see how far I get with that! Have a great week.

  9. The line about the iPod was totally unexpected and made me laugh :-)

    I'm not ready for Christmas yet either - not till December!

    Charlotte's nursery was really pretty. Periwinkle is such a beautiful colour, and it looks great with the dark furniture.

    I had a wonderful time chatting with you at the meetup last night :-) I'm looking forward to exploring your blog and getting to know you a bit better :-)

    Why am I getting the urge to make some cinnamon toast!? ;-)


  10. doesn't it seem that christmas comes faster each year? I think so, but I do have to day that now that my son is 3.5 he knows what Santa is and Christmas, so it is more surreal and fun! Your home is just lovely, and it must be hard to see your old house, where you had charlotte, her nursery is just darling!!

  11. I'm not ready either! I have a rule - no Christmas cheer until at least December 1st. So wonderful to meet you on Saturday night. Looking forward to going through your blog and seeing what you have been up to!

  12. it was great meeting you on saturday!!! after yesterday's santa claus parade i could be ready but i think i'll wait until the 1st of december!! hope you'll be by soon!



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