oh happy day

Charlotte has been singing this song today....Oh happy day, oh HAPpy DAY, oh happy DAy...

She has been singing it because she has heard her teacher sing bits of it in class.  Her teacher simply can't help herself...and neither can my Charlotte.

Charlotte's singing and her fantabulous teacher, some new songs on my ipod, a toasty warm and clean house, a run at dawn, kisses from a five year old boy...

and a 39 year old...


also made me happy today.

I bought this lipstick and I'll pretend I'm Jenna Lyons and I'm cool enough to wear it.  But I think I need to wait for spring. (It was really so silly of me...I haven't bought a lipstick in, like, 10 years...)

I'm in love with these boots my hubby got me last year and I know I will love for-eva. 

Yes, he picked them out.  Yes, they were a surprise.  Yes, this is why I don't mind taking out the garbage.

I'm going to remember all the things that make me happy and throw out all the rest today.  Because I realize that my Kevin is right when he says that just as soon as one worry goes away I manage to find another one to replace it. 

I worry...all...the...time.

I'm sensitive.

I get stressed.

Today I'll be thankful.

Speaking of thanks...

here are the cookie magazine recipes for the small scale thanksgiving I did last month.  The cranberries and pears were really delish and worked just as well the next day tossed in a salad with some pecans and some chevre.

The individual gratins were a nice thought but a total pain to clean up.  I also made them with regular potatoes instead and did my mother-in-law's famous sweet potato pie as another side.

So how will GOOPY do tonight on the CMA's? Well, I'm off to find out my dear friends...


  1. those boots are amazing...You look kick ass!!! :)

  2. Hold on to the happiness, live in the moment - those are the kinds of things I've been telling myself lately too. It's hard for us moms not to worry!
    BTW - I SO love those boots - they look great on you:)

  3. love the boots and the table setting and the happy day song. i happen to ♥ that one too!

  4. Very cool boots!!
    Isn't worrying part of our job as Mums? Even though my little girls are 17 and 19, I still worry about them. Those corn muffins and mini gratins look so delicious. Finally there is nothing cuter than hearing little children happy and singing :) Lovely post.


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