Today I am remembering as we all should...

I am remembering especially my grandma Evelyn, who served as a dietitian with the Medical Corps of the Royal Canadian Army in Canada and England during WWII.

She, like myself, obtained a Bachelor of Science degree.

She, like myself, loved to bake.

She, like myself, liked to have a pretty home.

She, like myself, loved her boy.

So much a part of me and so very missed.


  1. You even look like her! What a lovely family bond to have and wonderful to be able to remember her service.

    I believe I saw your name on the list for the bloggers get-together. I"m going too so we will be able to meet.

  2. Remembering your grandma today and all the others who fought for our freedom.

  3. Your grandma was a beautiful lady! So nice to hear that she was such a great influence on you. Lest we forget...

  4. Perfect day for this Tara. True north strong and free because of those brave men and women like your Grandmother.

  5. so beautiful

    and now, could you please remember to blog?
    I miss you


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