10 things

1.  I've lost 7 pounds.

2. It only took 24 hours and it was ugly.

3. It is impossible to enjoy TV, books or blogs when you have the stomach flu.

4. Today my Christmas postcards were for the most part finished and mailed.  And it isn't even Christmas yet. This is HUGE.

5. Date night tonight.  I will be a cheap date because I am not eating much of anything or drinking wine. Nor will I be ordering popcorn at the movie theatre which is such a pity.  I can't decide between seeing The Fighter...or Black Swan.  At first I was surprised that Kevin was willing to see the later...and then I wasn't...wink, wink.

6. We rented the movie The Town and I realized that the thing I find so hot about Ben Affleck is the fact that he co-wrote and directed it.  It is that good.
7.  I have four more days of work to get through before the big day. Which means I am really jealous of all of you who are now enjoying the holidays.

8. I am missing ballet. This beautiful little movie I found here doesn't help.  Or this amazing project.  Or this picture of Natalie Portman...

  9.  I can't, for the life of me, get a good picture in the school auditorium but I do love my little reindeer.

10. Date night begins right NOW...


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