I don't bowl...

Recently I did something I rarely get to do...

have dinner with a friend whose friendship I cherish at a swanky restaurant in a big city.

We squeezed ourselves into the restaurant as it was, as so many hip places are, packed to the rafters. I read her pretty lips to understand her over the myriad of conversations going on around us.

There were other girls there, just like us, catching up over a half litre of a big dry red.

There were corporate groups and younger couples.

I looked at those young couples and was reminded of my life BC…Before Children.

This was Kevin and I over 12 years ago.

We lived in the big city. We took the subway to work. We worked in big office towers with white twinkle lights outside. We worked late…because we could.

We would meet after work under the twinkle lights. We would decide where we would go for dinner. We would order a bottle of wine…not a glass. We would try new things. We would share dessert. We took our time.

On Saturday Kevin and I were offered 3 children free hours mid afternoon while the Sensei at Charlotte's martial arts academy watched over our kids and let them eat pizza and chips and...ring pops.

I thought briefly of using that time to clean my toilets...

or shop for a few more presents.

But instead we were us 12 years ago...for three short hours...and it was nice.

Then we picked the kids up and went off to get our tree...

Court with purple ring pop mouth
and it was a good thing we didn't cut down our own.  We barely made it through the 5 minute jaunt around the orchard...

before Court crashed from his sugar high...

and we picked up a nice pre-cut pine.  On the way home Court told me the reason behind his meltdown...

he explained that it was because he really hasn't gone bowling very much. Only once or twice.  That was why he completely lost it at the apple orchard?

I am a horrible mother.  I don't bowl.


  1. Oh Tara..I have love for you for so many reasons!

    Love this post
    love the BC...I miss what my husband and I were BC..I mean, REALLY miss...my heart hurts when I think about that time so very long ago

    and your tree!! You got MY DREAM tree. I hate our tree this year. My husband took the boys to look at trees, and came home with one they picked out, saying, "It is not the kind you like"

    and I love your kids
    so beautiful

    and I don't bowl

    we would be lovely friends, don't you think?

  2. That's the sweetest story I have heard around ducking 'bowling' responsibility! :)

    Your tree is looking really good. Enjoyed browsing through your story!

  3. Tara you are such a doll!!

    My boyfriend and I always wonder if we'll become "those couples", you know the ones that move out of the city, have a big family and hang out with other married couples with kids...but it's nice to know that you can still get away for a few hours and enjoy the night as you guys were BC! I think it's important to have this time for yourselves every once and a while, it keeps you sane! :)

  4. I just had dinner with a friend (divey but good Greek!) and we were discussing our BC years. They seem so far away! So glad you guys had a brief window to relive them.

  5. Love this post Tara. It is so you.

    I catch glimpses of my life BC too... a time when I had time. Seems so far away. But I'm kind of glad too. I look forward to trading those long lingering dinners in noisy restaurants for a bowling date with my daughter.

  6. great tree!!! nice moose!!!

    I didn't know bowling was part of the job! Dang it - I hate bowling too...

    I just miss being able to travel 'easily'....at least today that's all I am missing...

  7. Hi! New reader here!! *waves*

    I could have written this post. All of it really, even the part about the bowling. Hah, my son thinks the exact same way.

    Hubby and I went to an Xmas party and drank and danced til midnight. It was a rare and wonderful treat..

    When I read your posts and a few other blogs it makes me want to move out of the city, but we still both work downtown... I fear the commute might actually kill me.


  8. hahaha...BC seems so long ago for me too. I hate bowling too...great tree!

  9. ha ha ha. love this!
    my boys are constantly telling me some way i am failing them ;)
    i think they don't know what to do with that bad unsettling feeling (blues, sugar low, worry, what have u) and attach it to the first lack they think of.
    it's human nature
    or even we as adults wouldn't have so many things we regret buying laying about
    so cute :)
    your decorating is fabulous as always.

  10. I met my now-hubby bowling, so I have to say that I rather like bowling (although I haven't done it for ages!)

    Sweet story and lovely Christmas tree :-)


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