Winter outdoor decor 2010
Court and I were half way through our third puzzle when an Ikea soft soccer ball whizzed past my head.

I then suggested perhaps that the balls should be basement bound along with the two kiddos...

and I'm just wondering how long that will last.

Perhaps long enough to bust out a post...

or not.

Movie and hot buttered popcorn now to the rescue and I'm giving myself 15 minutes before I must meet Kevin on the couch.

Phew...where did the week go.

There was the One of a Kind show where I did my best to spend more and buy less as Ellen suggested here.

Since I couldn't leave Kessa Laxton's booth Patouche empty handed, I purchased a pretty alpaca crocheted head band for Charlotte...and my mum bought one for me.  My mum will wrap mine up for me to open and pretend surprise on Christmas day...

and at the same time Court will open this...

and will be thrilled. If ever there was a gift made for him...this would be it.  Thank you Fancy Pants Kids.

I will share the screen printed napkins I purchased from the sweet Genevieve at her booth Ollie Golightly in a later post.  She had the most beautiful linen and organic cotton fabric.

Today I finally got a start on the winter/holiday decor, both inside and out.

I'm still not thrilled with my urns but the wreaths will have to do for now...3 are hanging leaving 3 more for tomorrow.

Kevin has missed me because I've been completely lost...

in this book.

I didn't want it to end...but it has...and I'm back.


  1. I read that book this summer ~ wasn't it great! I hear that they are making it into a movie ~ I know it is never as good as the book but I think it would be interesting to see.

  2. I like the wreath and the urn. I enjoy seeing what you are up to.

  3. Great Holiday decor!! So glad to hear you picked up some lovely things at the one of a kind show :)

    hmmm... I may just have to get that book!

  4. So glad you didn't leave Patouche empty handed! And that gift for Court is awesome.

  5. Looks fantastic...

    What the book about?

    I'm headed over to check out what Ellen suggests!

  6. loving your urns...i need to read a good book too!!

  7. loved that book :)
    and love your wreath

  8. I love your urns! Where did you get that tree shape? And I have seen that book around, must read it :)

    Loving your front entry and always love reading your blog!

  9. I love the Patouche stuff as well! And for the record think your urns look amazing. I love that twirled twig.

  10. funny
    I just posted about how I don't read
    which is not entirely true
    (see? don't believe what you read on my blog)
    I do love it when I find a good book
    just not a whole lot of time

    so...what is this book you are reading??
    so curious


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