I feel like I may be channelling a bit of my high school self what with the bangs and having recently busted out the hot rollers. Yes, I rolled my hair everyday that final high school year. I had little hair...and it needed to be BIG.  I’m afraid I may look like those women who rocked the Farrah Fawcett feathers in their prime and have just refused to give it up.  The fact that hot rollers are mentioned in the new issue of InStyle mag gives me some hope...

The weekend is almost here, thank goodness. It will give me some time to turn my face toward the sun which can be found outside, I'm told.  My days have been spent in an office with no window to the outside world which is enough to drive, even this die hard optimist...down. 

This year I put twinkle lights up in the little tree in our side yard...they cannot be seen from the road...but are for my little family to enjoy instead. This is the weekend for our tree too, which will hopefully shine some more light into this house.  I just can't decide if we will do the usual...or perhaps have a try at cutting down our own? Whatever we do, I will be happy to have it up and will no doubt be decorating it as the Elf soundtrack plays in the background...


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