Friends & Enemies

Courtland adores Charlotte...and torments her.

Charlotte cares for Courtland...and then is indifferent to him.

And I am most happy when they are friends as I don't have a lot of patience when they are NOT.  But they are siblings...and I don't expect them to be friends ALL of the time...but it is nice when the ARE...

Feeling messy

Earlier in the week I was feeling good.  T o g e t h e r. With it.  Neat and tidy.

Today was hard.  It has left me feeling frazzled.  E m o t i o n a l.  Messy.

It happens fast. The messiness that is life. It picks you up and tosses you around and then throws you down.


But I have just slipped my arm out from the tangle of arms and fingers that were my sleeping sons and crept from his room.

And I will make my girl put down her book and kiss her sweet cheeks goodnight and sleeptight.

And then I will sip a rooibos tea and let my husband lay on the couch with his feet squished behind me and I will tell him I love him.

And all will be well.

Court's room

I don't usually go for theme rooms.

I like to mix-it-up way too much.

But when we moved into this home...there was a girls room...and a very BOYish room.

I was ready to cover up all of the hand-painted super heros that adorned this boy's room's walls...but then Pottery Barn came out with a vintage super hero line...and I changed my mind.

I mean those murals are ART...they are signed by an ARTIST..and I wouldn't want to paint over them just yet...

All furniture aside from the book shelf (PB) and the vintage chair (great find!) is hand-me-down.  Thank you generous family!

a sleepover

We are recovering...

from a long night...

with three giggly 8 year old girls...

and one very LONELY 4 year old boy.

"I just want to play with them sooooo bad-e-ly!"

This morning I made a pancake breakfast and staged it for some bloggy pictures...

What is wrong with me???  No...I don't usually stack the pancakes on the cake stand...they get flipped right onto the plate...and the plate is usually plastic...and probably made in China.

I think I was just really happy that it would soon be over...

and we wouldn't have much more of this...

After breakfast we dropped the girlfriends off at home...

Charlotte and Court at gymnastics...

and we did a little grown up shopping.

We bought some wine....

and some cheese....

and some baguette. 

Which we are now about to indulge in...

to celebrate the first day of spring...

and the end of the sleepover.


The oh-so-talented Ness is having another fabulous giveaway...

lovely, lovely, lovely pillow covers and clay tags!

I think any one of her pillow covers would look fab on this bench in my front hall...

but I really LOVE this one...

Go tell Ness your favourite!

Spring Cleaning

I feel the need to spring clean.  The cobwebs are floating all around my house.  So much needs to be picked up...

and put away.

But the cobwebs will have to wait because I've got a date...

and he's taking me to the park.

We travel at home

by Leunig

I love this thought. 

We've simplified.  We live with less.

And I do create...more than I ever have before.

I made these cupcakes this weekend for Autie K and Uncle J and my favourite niece and nephew...

I was inspired by the Salted Caramel Cupcake Kevin and I inhaled in NY at Sweet Revenge.

I decided to make some pretty cupcakes myself...with some help...from Duncan Hines.

I used parchment paper, 5 1/2 inches square for the liners.  Centre them over the pan and press down with a cup.  Fill them quite full.  I used a chocolate fudge cake mix but Martha's One Bowl recipe is one I use all the time and never fails me.  I made a simple buttercream with butter, icing sugar, milk, and vanilla and then I added a touch of salt and some butterscotch.  After icing the cupcakes, I drizzled caramel and chopped toffee chocolate bar on top. 


We are usually lucky enough to spend our spring break in Florida with my gracious in-laws.  It is heaven.

I mean, once we get there.  The trip has always been a little challenging with the kids.  I think this year would have been the first where I might have actually been able to drink my complimentary in-flight beverage. 

But we aren't going.

We are trying to make the best of it. 

Last weekend the sun shone and I was desperate to go SOMEWHERE.  Kevin would not let me utter the words M a p l e S y r u p F e s t i v a l because we have gone so many times before...

so we hopped in the car and hoped for the best.

We saw a sign "FAMILY FUN PARK"...

and followed it.

The kids were sooo excited...

We blasted The Black Eyed Peas "..I gotta feeling, woohoo, That tonight's gonna be a good night..."

Needless to say the kids were not impressed.  Kevin and I just started laughing so hard - it was Walley World and we were the Griswolds.  But this just made them MAD.

But we ended up having a LOT of fun.  We found a park...Kevin made a scavenger hunt...the sun shone.

Simple IS good....

Muffin Monday

I'm an oatmeal apple muffin making mama.

These last couple of days have been a bit rough...weary...spirit draining. 

But Monday I was home with Court.  And I made muffins. 

And Court screamed at the top of his lungs to his playmates upstairs "MY MOM'S MAKING APPLE MUFFINS!!! AND THEY HAVE CINNAMON ON TOP...AND SUGAR!"

Now I'm sure the Ninja Turtle and the Batman upstairs looked at each other and wondered....

what the heck Court was screaming about...

or what the heck were apple muffins...

or thought...

how about some chocolate chip cookies...

or a rice crispie treat?   

But they all sat down and gobbled them up. 

To Court they were really something special and that made me feel special too.

Oatmeal Apple Muffins

1c.rolled oats
1c.flour (I use half whole wheat,half all purpose)
1tbsp bran
1tsp cinnamon (I also grate some nutmeg too)
1tsp baking powder
1/2tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 apple (I grate it, skin and all)
1/2 c. vegetable oil
1/2 c. packed brown sugar
1 egg lightly beaten

Mix the rolled oats and the buttermilk and let stand for 10 min.  Meanwhile whisk the dry ingredients together in a large bowl.  Mix the apple, oil, sugar and egg and then add to the buttermilk mixture.  Fold wet into the dry until just mixed.  Sprinkle muffin tops with cinnamon and sugar and bake at 375 for 20 -25 mins.

Great news

  Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.
                  ~Robert Kennedy

Kevin called me from Chicago last evening with some GREAT news.  His voice broke as he spoke and I knew...I knew that although he had been re-assuring me over these past three years that the business he was building would work...would be a success...there was a part of him that knew the risks and was smart enough to know that there was a chance it wouldn't.   But he has succeeded....GREATLY.  And I couldn't be more proud.

Kevin has always been an entrepreneur, a risk-taker, an adventurer.  I, on the other hand, usually take the road "more travelled".  Except when I followed my heart to the big Kevin.  My feminist friends were NOT impressed.  I seemingly dropped everything for HIM. 

But really I didn' was for ME. 


Each year we build at least one snowman.  We have to wait until the snow is the right consistency which very often it isn't.  I finally convince the kids to get all their gear on...we get outside...and we find it is just not right.  So dissapointing.

The recent snow combined with the milder temperatures made for perfect conditions.

Each snowman we make is christened Snowy.

And we were all very happy...




and then Court wasn't. 

And so Snowy met an untimely death.  Poor, poor Snowy.


I thought my porch looked rather pretty...if it was December. 

I'm ready for those pine boughs and birch logs to be replaced with daffodils and willow.  I've got spring f e v e r.  I hope it comes soon...