Sunday night and Santa

Sunday was a scorcher.  All thoughts of nubby woolens and corduroy pants flew out the window when the air conditioner kicked back in.

But that didn't stop Court who decided after dinner to write to Santa Claus.  I guess he wants to get his list in early...

even though I reminded him that his birthday was coming up sooner than Christmas.  If anyone knows where Santa can get some shark bones, I'm sure he could use the help.

While Court put the finishing touches on his correspondence I walked into where Kevin was watching television.  He reminded me that the Emmys were on...

the red-carpet had started...

and I had completely forgot. 

Kevin and I are award show watchers. This years Emmys were of up most importance because my favourite show was finally getting some love.

Both Friday Night Lights stars Kyle Chandler...

and Connie Britton...

were up for best acting awards.

I panicked because I still needed to clean up the kitchen from dinner and the whole Santa Claus debacle and get those kiddos to bed. Or at least pre-occupied with something...

so I gave Kevin the choice between running out to get a movie for them or cleaning up the kitchen.

He chose the movie. I cleaned.

He returned and popped in Home Alone. A classic...and a fitting choice.

Neither Connie nor Kyle won the Emmy. But I was reminded of how much I l-o-v-e Modern Family.

And John Hamm.

And Tina Fey.

I didn't watch to the bitter end...

because I already felt like a bad mommy and it was after 10 pm.

I peeled the sleepy kids from the bean bag chairs and got them...

and myself...

to bed.

Fall is around the corner...

There are so many things telling me that my favourite season of all, fall, is around the corner.

Yesterday I woke up and had to pull on a sweater and close the windows because the house had grown so chilly overnight.

After my morning run I wanted to take my first HOT shower in a long while.

Last weekend the kiddos and I went to the apple orchard and had our first apple of the season...a ginger gold.  Crisp and delicious.

The apple orchard is a quick 10 minute country drive from our home. It is a destination of sorts for us...somewhere to go when you just

For some that is Starbucks...

or the mall.

I for one would like to enjoy my skinny coffee misto with one shot of cinnamon dolce syrup without worrying if Court is going to jump off the comfy chairs or spill his milk all over his overpriced banana bread. So that is an indulgence I like to partake in...alone.

And I just can't go to the mall. I mean there is a Disney Store and I would just get stuck there for hours.

So I take the kids to the apple orchard.

They love the peanut butter cookies and I love the homemade pie.  We all love the apples.

If we are lucky we can pick our own or go on horse drawn wagon rides

Even if it isn't a special time of year...there is a swing set and a picnic table where I can sit my tired self down.

And the kids swing...

and I dream about the country.

Court doing his own meditation

My fire

NYC January 2, 2010
I love my handsome hubby so very much. And I know we were destined to be together.

But to be honest there have been moments when I have asked myself what the heck I got myself into.

And it's not just me...others shake their head sometimes and ask me how do you do it?

He is always looking for something...
or directions to somewhere.

We routinely miss cut-offs or exits when he's driving and have to take the scenic route.

When we hear a bump in the night I have to convince him why it would be better if he went to check it out.

Now he would give you the shirt off his back...
provided you were able to help him take it off.

And he doesn't always do things the conventional way but he does do them for the right reasons.

I think he does what he does the way he does it for love.

Love for me...
the children...

All that I want is one who knows me

A kind hand on my face when I weep

And I'd give back these things I know are meaningless

For a little fire beside me when I sleep

Little Fire by Patty Griffin

(love, love, love Patty Griffin!)

I listened to this song on my way to work today and I thought that Kevin is my little fire and that makes me pretty lucky. And my life as good as it gets.

Magic potions and major renovations

As I've mentioned before, I love the rain.

Sometimes it just feels good to not have the sun shining down upon your face.

It is raining now...

it hits the balcony outside with a splat, splat, splat as I type.

The downspouts gurgle.

It is also now that Charlotte and Courtland have decided to be friends and are running around outside collecting things...

for their magic potions.

Although they were at each other all day it was a surprisingly good one.

One that made up for the craziness of the past couple of weeks.  Weeks spent working tirelessly on our home and garden while the kiddos watched far too many movies and we all ate an unbelievable amount of quickie food. 

Today was the first day I didn't have to tell them that I couldn't help them do, find, or make something. The first day that I didn't have to say no to playing, reading, or god forbid to helping me paint/hammer/drill/install/rip out something. 

Today we went to the farm stand, the apple orchard and the library. I shucked corn picked this morning for dinner tonight...

instead of opening a box of cereal.

And here's a sneak peek of some of what was accomplished here at the cp house ...

and yet there is still more to do. Although the mantel is UP it is not IN as the concrete threshold that I laid on Wednesday at 7:30 am before heading to the office is still not dry.

And this room needs paint.

And some personality:)

But that's for another day...


Last week we were jumping into cool northern waters...

and zooming around on quads.

It's become a tradition. 

Our generous friends invite us to be a part of their week at the family cottage and we couldn't be more lucky.

I'm reminded every year of how awesome this group is...

how special their children are...

how grateful I am to have them in my life.


This week found me back at work and it was like I never went away.

While I worked, the kids days were filled with summer fun thanks to their wonderful grandparents. There were carousel rides and trips to the library. Many, many swims.  When I kiss their messy heads they smell of chlorine and fresh air.  Their bodies are brown and the bottoms of their feet are black.


I've found the first red leaves of our maple to fall in our yard and I can't help but think towards fall...  


and happy to see I can still get away with this hat...


There are ripe bananas in my kitchen calling out to be made into bread.  It's nie's recipe and it is delish. Although I have decreased the amount of sugar over time, especially if the bananas are extra ripe and sweet, you can find the recipe here.


We are working on the fireplace this weekend after I picked up a mantel at a Habitat for Humanity Re-ScoreStore.  I can't wait to show the amazingness. If only it would install itself...


Today was the last day of my little holiday.

I didn't want to spend the entire day washing all the dirty cottage clothes or cleaning out the fridge.

So I didn't.

This afternoon I told the kiddos to get their suits because we were heading to the splash pad. 

I have just realized that it was my first time this summer...

and I want to cry.

I want to cry because I loved every minute of it.

I loved Court talking all...the...way...there.

He talked about Fairy Falls.  He asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up and suggested I be a Fairy so I could live at Fairy Falls. He learned about Fairy Falls at camp. I love camp. 

I loved Charlotte belting out a song over top of Court's ramble about Fairy Falls.

I loved the song she was singing.  A Patty Griffin tune which I've added to the playlist below. 

It's called Rain.

And I loved that it did just that.  We got caught in the downpour and laughed ourselves silly.

I loved the rain.

What's up

Chocolate chip banana bread has become a staple in our house.
Who says you can't eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Charlotte just walked in and I asked her "what's up?"

She promptly replied "me".

It's after 11 pm and she is up...and so am I.

I should be drifting off and so should she but we are hot...and sticky...and excited for our little cottage bound excursion tomorrow.

Tomorrow afternoon we will find ourselves surrounded by friends and a cool lake and we can't wait.

Today I found the kids doing this...

as I knocked things off my to-do list.  The list included installing 8 pot lights in our dungeon of a basement and 3 hanging lanterns on our porch. 

As I checked off my tasks I couldn't help but wish that I could have been a part of the Scaredy Squirrel quadrilogy today...

but that is the goal.  Those lights are leading somewhere and its going to be great.

yes, that is a melty chocolate chip on Court's chin