It's a new record...we actually managed to carve pumpkins before Halloween this year. 

I'm feeling so with-it.  This doesn't happen very often.

Court's pumpkin is on the has 5 eyes.  Charlotte's is on the is a traditional jackolantern.  That just about sums them up.  And the funny thing is I love both pumpkins the same...just a bit differently.

We've been playing lots of family bingo. I picked the game up at Anthro on-sale last year and I love the styling so much I just leave it out. The thing is Court NEVER wins. He never gets to yell out BINGO!  So the other night Kevin thought he had won...but he was mistaken, and then I thought I had won...but again was wrong, and even Charlotte, she thought she had it at first...but then took some time but Court finally yelled out B  I N G O!!!

He talked about it for days.

I'm not really so with-it because it is 9 pm and there are still pumpkin bits on the floor in the kitchen and the kids are holed up in Charlotte's room playing stuffy town.  I'm off to put those kiddos to bed and meet the mr. on the couch...

happy halloween ♥

He's five...

Courtland 2 days old
I have been off-line.

Just when I had some new friends to computer kicked-it.  The computer on which I download my photos decided it had just had enough.  The dreaded blue screen.  Although my head and camera filled up, there was no where for us to go.

Perhaps it was the years worth of photos that I have yet to print.  Yes, it could be that...

but I was determined to have it back by today. I couldn't let today go by.

Five years ago today, I was doing this...

Charlotte & I with our new babies

and yes...I cried last night.

The eve of my baby boy's 5th birthday. I looked at his big feet and just started to weep. He asked me why I was crying and I told him it was because I loved him so much.

He hugged me tight and kissed my cheek.  Two minutes later he was telling me that he didn't like me when I asked him to get into the bath. That is how we roll him and I...

and thankfully I get more of the first part.  By the time we were picking out a bedtime book he was saying sorry for bad-talking, we cuddled up and he picked out a book that I had given him. 

I pick out special books for each of the kids at Christmas and their birthdays.

When I read these books, it takes me right back to the time at which it was given.  Charlotte received this book when she was five...

Stella Queen of the Snow
when we were really into the Stella books.  Charlotte was finishing Junior Kindergarten and was helpful with her baby brother. We had just moved into this house and I was busy painting during nap time.

Today I gave Court this book...

and when we read it I will think of the beautiful October we had and baseball games in the backyard. 

And the day I cried over Court's big feet.

happy birthday my sweet, sweet boy ♥

a small-scale thanksgiving...

Today is Thanksgiving here in Canada and I am grateful...

certainly for the sweetest, most considerate comments from my bloggy friends on my anniversary post.   Your friendship has been a blessing this past year.

And for the acts of kindness that have come my way when I have needed it the most.

When Court woke up on Sunday morning, squashed between Kevin and I, and said "what are we going to do first today?" I told him to get dressed because we were going OUT for coffee.  My dear friend had given me a gift card and we were going to use it.

He made sure to bring a magazine for me to read although I never got the chance.  We simply dunked our biscotti in my coffee and talked about the day ahead. My boy is at his loveliest first thing in the morning when, I am afraid, I am not.  I took the time to drink this special little person in along with my pumpkin spice coffee misto...and to kiss his cheeks.

Later that day I fixed a small-scale thanksgiving following the recipes found in the November 2009 issue of Cookie magazine which folded like so many last year.  Missing Cookie magazine.

The roasted cranberries and pears were yummy...

and I made my first pumpkin pie at Kevin's request.

Now I just hope to have the opportunity this week to give back to those that have been so lovely to me...

and show how thankful I really am. year later


I don’t have a profile. I mean there is a wee picture of me...and of course you can see I am from Canada…because Canada rocks.

But when it comes to who I am I have some difficulty finding the words.

When I started this blog one year ago today I didn’t know if anyone would read it…it was almost presumptuous of me to describe myself…to myself. Oh and to Kevin my only other blog reader. It may have helped however as sometimes I wonder if he really understands what I’m all about.

To be honest every time I would try and come up with something I would think it sounds just like someone else’s profile…I love vintage, tea in a pot, and my two gorgeous kids…oh and rain, lets not forget about the rain…oh and Kevin too, MUSTN’T forget the hubby…

I wouldn’t have wanted to have another blogger think I was copying her...which after lurking around I understand is not really the most sincerest form of flattery.

So I just put it off.

But I LOVE reading profiles.

It is the first place I go when I discover a new blog…that and house tours.

I want to know a little more about the woman behind the writing…the pictures…the adorable children.

Part of the problem I have describing myself is that my life does not always reflect who I am…

I have a career but I am not driven at work.

I celebrate the domestic arts and yet consider myself a feminist.

I have a Life Science degree but I also took courses in Home Economics…and Art History.

I work in Finance yet I don’t like anything financial...(this might have something to do with the not being driven characteristic).

I like to create and surround myself with the things I love. These loves include my precious children, my hilarious and handsome hubby, handmade and hand-me-down, beautiful designer shoes that my husband has given me, baking in the oven, red maple trees, running in the rain, line dried cotton sheets, rooibos tea in a pot at bedtime, coffee with milk in the morning, newspaper clippings from my dear mom, the farmers market, folky music on my ipod, un-perfect hair, stacks of books from the library, period movies, hard work, afternoon naps, ballet, hugs and kisses....

a bit of me.

But not all of me.

I'm still figuring that out...♥

Fall is here...

my balcony
Just off this balcony is where I sit now, blogging in the dark. 

My hands are cold and they hesitate on the keyboard. My nose feels rosy.

The heat has not yet kicked in today but perhaps it will tonight as it did last night...the kitchen surprising me with a warm floor this morning. 

On Saturday night, with Charlotte away at a sleepover, Court and I busied ourselves with some sewing...

continuing our collection of Halloween ornaments that we started last year. He kept it up until bedtime and it was the first thing he wanted to do on Sunday morning.

At first he requested a castle, complete with moat, but I convinced him to go with the pumpkin...

he's sensible like that.


The oh-so-stylish Liz at Wallpaper blog asked me to open up my beauty bag and let her readers know what's in it. I know those who know me in real life will be surprised at this...but please go and check out Liz's inspiring's smashing.

how do you like them apples?

I think we went apple picking last weekend...

but it could have been the weekend before that.

No, wait, it was definitely last weekend.

Now I remember.  It was right before birthday party number one on Saturday. And before the start of my marathon headache.

I wore my wellies. And my pretty purple socks.

Kevin came with us. I think it was the first time I managed to drag him out pickin'. The kids and I...well, we're old hats. He must have missed us on his crazy trip.

Yesterday the hubby flew away again...

this time it was to New York City and this time it was just for the day. Unfortunately he missed his flight that morning because I accidentally set the alarm for 5:15 am instead of 3:15 am.  His partner called at 4:15 wondering where he was and woke us up. We were frantic and then he left. I felt sick. He caught the next flight out and all ended up OK. I just didn't feel right though until the wee hours this morning when he finally came home and crawled into our warm bed.  No wonder my dreadful headache won't go away...


The chocolate chip banana bread has been replaced for the time being with this yummy apple cake...

the recipe for which I found on this delightful blog here. I used slightly less sugar and whole wheat flour and the kids were fighting over the last piece tonight.  I plan on filling my cake stand back up tomorrow morning with some more sweet apple cake.

Next to the cake stand is my newest thrifty purchase and it is filled with Auntie Melissa's adored peanut butter cookies. It is now empty too.

Thrifting (the act of shopping at a thrift store, flea market, garage sale...) just ruins you.  It makes it impossible to shop for anything retail ever again. Must stop. It's just like good literature...which has forever prevented me from enjoying a trashy book. Ruined I say I am. Ruined.

It was an apron my friend that I was wearing under my Anthroiwearitwaytoomuch sweater in my last post. I purchased mine from this talented girl last year.  The workmanship and fabric are so beautiful.  I think a thrifting and apron post will be next to come.  I'm loving them both.