field notes

I got up early on Saturday morning...

which isn't that unusual...

except that I decided to try a two hour boot camp being offered free to parents at Charlotte's martial arts academy instead of my usual run.

I looked outside and saw fresh snow.

Our house is surrounded by evergreen trees and that morning I looked outside...

and decided to really see those beautiful trees. I wanted to be so grateful for the view.

And then I got my but in the car and drove to boot camp...

and I haven't been able to sit that but down without wincing ever since.

Sunday evening I thought a nice hot bath was in order.

Am I the only one who is unable to take a bath without interruption?

Because it wasn't long before Court was at the side of the tub...

and he proceeded to tell me that I did "have a big booty" as I got out.

So needless to say I will be returning to booty camp next Saturday.


In order to keep up with my goal of more frequent blog posts, I realized I needed somewhere to jot down all of the projects, thoughts and ideas that come into my head.

I found this old sketch book amongst some things during a post-holiday purge but wasn't too inspired by the cover.

So a couple of coats of leftover blackboard paint and a hot glue gunned ribbon later and I have myself a little notebook...

just waiting to be filled up.



    My mom made me 3 of hats EXACTLY like that...but little beanies...I think I sent them to goodwill...One of them was the EXACT SAME colours too! Same Floret! Like they were sisters...Hmmmm maybe they are still in my hat basket because I felt too guilty to send them away?...

  2. correction: the hats were in my basement...and yours is WAY nicer! I will email you a pic if I can find yur email!

  3. you are cute. I have one sitter made it for me. maybe i'll show you today;-)
    wanna sneak peek at my library photoshoot?
    only cuz i like you.

  4. I didn't see those at the OOAK show - so cute! Love your notebook too!

  5. what acute shot of you! love the notebook too. I am too scared of our bootcamp. afraid I couldnt make it through one.

  6. Loving what you did with your book ~ you are so smart and look pretty cool with your new headband ~ just saying....

  7. ha ha re court. i get those kind of "compliments" from the boys all the time.
    love what u did with the notebook!


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