Five things

1. It's cold. I can barely see outside what with all the frost.  I'm also fighting a bit of a cold, Charlotte has just gotten over one and Court is completely wrapped up in the middle of one.  So...anyone want to come over?

2. Court discovered Charlotte's long lost Barbie castle and has set up shop in my front hallway.  At one point I saw a Bionicle riding a pink horse.  It was all worth it for the forty minutes of peace it afforded me.

3. It is no wonder the Barbie castle ended up in the hallway. The playroom looked like this...

up until yesterday, when I spent almost the entire day cleaning house.  I managed to keep going knowing that when it was all done we would go and check out the place I read about here.  As we walked into the shop, a man leaving said to us "It is amazing." and it was.  
4. Charlotte is blogging. Kind of. She asked for a vintage typewriter for Christmas and I'm finding these little notes everywhere...

5. Weekends mean waffles. My waffle maker makes 3 little round waffles.  I make a big batch and all the leftovers are frozen for the week ahead when they become toaster waffles.

Today I will enjoy my clean and shiny house while I can.  Court has assured me he is well enough to attend a birthday party, thank goodness, so Charlotte and I will hit the library just the two of us as she hasn't been in a while.  I am always surprised at how much my kids love the library and a little special time with my girl is definitely in order. ♥


  1. That shop certainly does look amazing! Now I want waffles so I think they will be on my brunch radar for today. Have fun at the library with your best girl. xo

  2. That shop does look amazing and we are all sick over here as well...except it is in the 70's and we are missing it by being stuck inside :( Hope you are all feeling better soon!

  3. It's cold here too... -36 with the wind chill. Brrrrr!

    The little waffles look yummy - I'd be willing to take my chances with the colds to pop over to your place for a stack of them! ;-)

    Very cool that Charlotte asked for a vintage typewriter :-)

    Hope you're enjoying your clean & shiny house :-)

  4. Hope your feeling better soon.I am off to check out this amazing shop.Your home is beautiful! ~Cheers Kim

  5. I don't remember seeing your front hall before - it is gorgeous. So many lovely features, like the wood trim, the suitcases, the lamp, the Barbie castle. It's lovely.

    I'm sick too. May we both get healthy tout suite!

  6. charlotte definitely knows what to do with that typewriter. love it. maybe you will start finding novel excerpts before too long :)


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