My hood...


Yesterday was a rough one.

I think the worst part of it was the fact that I just kept trying to save it...

to make it into a good day.

I should have just let myself fall into the roughness and wallow around in it.

At one point last night Court was halfway down our long driveway...crying and running away (thank you Ramona and Beezus).

Every time we would pretend to walk towards the house he would get scared and start coming back up the driveway...

and then we would want to make sure we could see him so we would walk toward the driveway....

and he would see us and start back down again.

This went on for a little while.

Finally he just came running to me and I picked him up.  He was so heavy and I realized he isn't such a little guy any...

more. Sigh.


One year ago, I had recently returned from a lovely little jaunt to New York City.

somewhere on Waverly


a playground somewhere in the West Village...I think
 And it seemed everywhere I looked...I loved.  The storefronts...the restaurants...the streets.

On Saturday I ran out of the house and decided to find a little New York in my own backyard.  I ventured out to a neighbourhood nearby that I had read about and wanted to check out. 

The street was tree lined...

with pretty lamp posts.

There was a coffee shop...

with yummy carrot cupcakes. 

Where I sat and nibbled...

and wrote...

and drank delicious hot coffee.

It was my little hour getaway.

And it was sweet.


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