Is it possible to drink too much ginger tea?

Because I can't stop sipping it, in between sniffles...

from a cup and saucer, thank you very much.

Yesterday, I was grateful for the time to heal.  And also for my toasty wool sweater that I found lying on one of our hot radiators.

What a gift it was to be able to snuggle in here...

and not have to dash off to work.

I may have folded some laundry.

Or cut out some hearts.

A $15 Starbucks gift card to the first person who can tell me whose little heart project I am working on.

It appears that Ashley Ann may be working on it too. ♥


  1. no idea with the hearts! I am sure its going to be cute though!!!

    the first time I heard about ginger tea was last week...a post about a ginger tea and caster oil ayudevic detox... your house SUPER dry right now from the rad. heat? we have three humidifiers but its still do you combat it? I have a huge pot of water on the stove simmering right now!

    I think its time to start enjoying cinnamon hearts, no?

  2. Ayurvedic... sorry..I am dumb...i type much faster than the computer since I am also running you tube nursery rhyme videos for my son on a split I can't spell....

    here is the blog post about that detox (I am long time 'goer to' Pure and Simple spa)

    Try to stay warm today...and stay in the moment (even if its just to notice that your nose is running, or the dryness in your mouth) so the day will speed by!

  3. Valentine's day book wreath? yeah, it's a long shot...

  4. ah but you said 'who' not 'what', so I'm going with Kara Paslay.

    Get better soon!

  5. Was it Meg from whatever? She is crafty like that:)

  6. morning by morning did a cute heart craft too, you would love it too -- it had a vintage flavour.

    get well soon.
    even your sick days are pretty :)

  7. gift for me? :-)

    I am sick too
    and there is more snow today
    and my house is not nearly as cozy as yours
    and no one lets me stay in bed

    so those hearts...they are for me, right??? :-)

  8. That was driving me crazy because I knew I had seen this super cute idea on a blog in the past few weeks. It was Tif in Seattle...right? Love Dottie Angel:) As soon as my kids get home from school we are going to cut out hearts!

  9. anon above, you are...CORRECT. it is a Dottie Angel sweet project and I do hope you and your little ones are cutting hearts at this very moment.
    please email me your address:)

  10. Hi-
    it's me anon:) Instead of sending me a Starbucks card...take your little cuties out for ice cream (can you tell i live in Arizona?)... Hot chocolate is more like it...take them to Starbucks for a hot chocolate. I came across your blog about a month ago and LOVE it! You are now on my favs list:) I LOVE all the photos of your have done such an awesome job on the decorating and renovation projects!
    Look forward to your posts!

  11. Love your new header!! So sorry to hear that you are still under the weather but a cup and saucer along with a snuggly sweater are all part of the remedy. I have no idea what you are working on but cannot wait to see it when it's all done.

  12. Hey girl you got to get over your sniffles we have some partying to do. On the other hand, I'm on antibiotics for an adenoid infection and am comepletely stuffed up as well, so we'll be a pair. Seriously though keep drinking the tea.

  13. I love my cup and saucer, its out all times of day and night. And ginger is SO GOOD for a cold,. Hope you feel better soon.

  14. Get well soon.Looks like you got a few things done under the weather as well.~Cheers Kim

    Hearts no idea

  15. Love your new header! Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well. AND nothing better than drinking tea from a cup and saucer. My go-to tea is Passion by Tazo, yum!

    Love the heart wreath idea!

  16. Besides being sick sounds like a nice cozy day. Hope you feel better soon!


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