This little light of mine...

Kevin is driving us all crazy looking for the television remote.  I just walked by Charlotte and told her as much and she responded by saying "I know! Boys are so weird."  Ummm...yes...yes they are.

Last week when I checked into Ikea during my lunch break to peruse the as-is section, I decided that I couldn't wait any longer to change this light in my kitchen...

 (do not be distracted by the spring blossoms people) and bring it out of the 1980's.

Although I will continue to look for something a little more industrial or vintage this makes me so much happier and only set me back $15.

Now I'm itching to replace those chairs.  Because I've realized my $3 garage sale chairs are worth...well...just about $3.  I'm thinking some modern chairs that are easy to wipe down and that may, just may, entice Court to sit his but down during dinner would be perfect.

I love that shot of Charlotte above...memorizing all the provinces, territories and capitals of Canada.

And I love this shot of Shirley MacLaine...

which makes me want to go and be silly with my kids. And makes me wish that someone would be around to take our picture.


  1. I love your new light... and your floors, very nice! And I also enjoy the silliness

  2. Have you thought about painting your chairs to match the china cabinet you have in the background or even a funky bright color... If they were mine, I'd paint them white and distress them a bit.

    The new light looks soooo much better!

  3. What a steal! I wish we still lived closer to an Ikea....I use to love the "as-is" section!! If you are on the hunt for those metal chairs, I suggest you check out I got "Tolix" styled barstools on there. And now they have the "Tolix" style dining chairs!! $195 for a set of 4, and its only$2.95 to ship ANYTHING on! Look up "Tabouret" on Overstock, and the barstools and chairs will come up in your search....they have silver, white, red and black.
    They would be perfect company with your industrial light :)
    Happy Wednesday Tara!

    ps - I sometimes wish that Papparazzi would follow my kids and I around so I would have some sweet pics of us too!

  4. That new lights looks really good. P.S. Is it just me or are your ceilings super high??


  5. Love your new light. I think your chairs look very bistro, although I could see some of those aqua modern ones that Linda at Restyled Home has in her dining room now.

  6. It changes to whole feel of the space - much more modern now! Nice!

  7. I love the new light, so much better!! Your home is wonderful and cozy and makes me want to come over for a tea and a chat!

    Love Shirley Maclaine!!

  8. Love the light! Your home looks so welcoming : )

    Gemma x

  9. i know, eh? totally wish we had a photographer trailing us so i could be in some of my memories of the kids and i hanging out ;)

    love the light and your frugal fabulousness. no need to change later -- it's great :)

    also the chairs look better than you think they do

    and charlotte is just plain adorable

  10. Your new light looks great! I would consider painting your chairs either the black of the hutch in the background or that fantastic greyed down blue of the Lets Do Something Amazing poster. Either way I'd sand through to the wood along the edges.

  11. Love the new light Tara! It looks perfect in your kitchen! :)

  12. Yes us boyz are weird but what would you do without us???

    Great blog TC say hi to KC

  13. I do like that new light! Wish we had an IKEA near us.

  14. I need a new light
    In fact, I need a lot of light
    you seem to shine for me..always brightening my day with your words and photos and beautiful family and home
    can you come over and just stand here in my home???
    I know you would brighten it...

  15. sweet upgrade!

    we like our panton chairs (fakes) because they wipe down easily...but they are tippy if you sit half on half off (exactly the way my 6 year old nephew and 5 year old niece like to sit) -- and you have to dust that swoosh at the bottom...just sayin'

    love the hutch!
    and I am digging those tiles!

  16. Yeah for the light! It is always a bonus to find something at a good price and since you are on the look out for something you love ~ this looks great in the meantime. I love your little nook.

  17. The new light is fantastic!! I love seeing pictures of your beautiful home...the tall ceilings are amazing!

  18. love the new light! i'm in need of some new chairs too and am thinking french bistro chairs and/or tolix chairs.


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