This little light of mine...

Kevin is driving us all crazy looking for the television remote.  I just walked by Charlotte and told her as much and she responded by saying "I know! Boys are so weird."  Ummm...yes...yes they are.

Last week when I checked into Ikea during my lunch break to peruse the as-is section, I decided that I couldn't wait any longer to change this light in my kitchen...

 (do not be distracted by the spring blossoms people) and bring it out of the 1980's.

Although I will continue to look for something a little more industrial or vintage this makes me so much happier and only set me back $15.

Now I'm itching to replace those chairs.  Because I've realized my $3 garage sale chairs are worth...well...just about $3.  I'm thinking some modern chairs that are easy to wipe down and that may, just may, entice Court to sit his but down during dinner would be perfect.

I love that shot of Charlotte above...memorizing all the provinces, territories and capitals of Canada.

And I love this shot of Shirley MacLaine...

which makes me want to go and be silly with my kids. And makes me wish that someone would be around to take our picture.


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