What I was wearing when I...

Hat: Julie Sinden - bought at the One of a Kind Show 2009
Coat: Mackage - surprise! gift from Kevin 2008
Mittens: made from recycled sweaters by Annie Clifford - bought at the One of a Kind Show 2010 - Annie hails from Kingston where I went to University, plays in a band called the Gertrudes and sold her wares on a sliding scale asking us to pay what we could afford - brilliant.
Grey Leggings: bought in Wicker Park, Chicago, 2008
Socks: men's, Joe Fresh instead of these that were sold out
Boots: Bean


I'm finding irritation with everything today (crumbs under couch, the realization that immediately after cleaning the kitchen of the breakfast mess, it is lunch time) and it is no ones fault but my own.

My decision to remain wrapped up in a tatty quilt whilst watching the BBC production of Emma these past couple of wintry mornings, as lovely as it was, was wrong.  The skipping of Booty camp or even a morning run has proven to be ill-advised.

Even the oh so supportive husband can do nothing right and I am certain to feel badly for my treatment of him later.  I am hoping some take out Vietnamese food and a cuddle on the couch while watching the Golden Globes will set me right....and I'm sure he is too.


  1. cutie!

    can't wait for the pre-show to begin!

  2. You are cute!! I am curling up doing the same thing with a big old mug of tea ~ Enjoy!

  3. Ugh! I know no mojo these days.Love the digs~Cheers Kim

  4. At least the day is done! Hope the cuddle did you good.

    Such a cute outfit!

  5. Hey, we all have our days (or maybe even weeks) when we're out of sorts. You probably needed a break from the chores and cleaning and running, so it was totally NOT wrong to sit back and relax and enjoy watching Emma.

    Hope the Vietnamese & Golden Globes cheered you up last night :-)

  6. Hope you enjoyed the Golden Globes. Your outfit is lovely!


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