the art of play

Tonight I abandoned the dirty dishes as soon as I heard his Boston accent...

and sat my but down.

I remember convincing Kevin to take me to see Good Will Hunting...

thinking it was a movie he would love.  That was long ago.   We didn't need a babysitter. Our car had a stick shift.  I probably wore perfume.

I'm still in awe at the writing...some of the best quotes ever.


Monday was the Family Day holiday and as I was looking up public swim times at the local pool, Kevin planned a surprise trip to the Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, NY...

Charlotte loved the "science room"...

they both loved working at Wegmans...

and exploring...everything.

The mail room.

Tinker toys!

Life aboard a ship.

Superhero strength.


It was a fabulous day...

made possible by my spontaneous and munificent husband ♥


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