hello February...

January you were a blur.

And to be honest...

I hope you are too February.  I have had just about enough of winter.

We are bracing for a big storm by popping corn and loading up on movies.  Yesterday I baked macaroni & cheese and loaves of pumpkin bread to warm my kitchen.  The wind is whistling around the door and windows that surround me so that even my woolliest of woolly socks cannot keep my feet warm. 

But February has a sweet side too...

and so does my husband.

Yesterday as I bustled about the kitchen amidst the post baking mess, he walked up with a serious face and asked me to look at something...

was it a note from the teacher? An overdue bill that had gotten lost in the shuffle?


I looked at it and then up at him and we both burst out laughing.  It was just so corny.

But so sweet.  And that's why I love him so.


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