Today was a cleaning day.  After having such a busy weekend before this...

which ran right smack into a busy work week....

an absolutely dreadful work week...

a not even able to take a quick lunch break work week...

my house was a wreck.

All week I ignored the spit marks in the bathroom sinks, pulled clean clothes from a bucket of unfolded laundry to dress the kids, and tossed, literally, Lego men, stuffed animals and transformer pieces into the play room and shut the door.

I tackled it all today while Kevin and the kids dropped donations off to our local food drive and went bowling. Court must have been pleased with that.

When they arrived home this afternoon Court insisted on making these...

courtesy of chickaDEE magazine circa 2009.

He was so excited about them...my little fruitarian.

Far too excited to wait the THREE hours it was going to take to produce one of these.

So after chopping up some fruit into teeny tiny pieces...

and demanding Charlotte eat some yogurt to free up a container...

we filled the container with the fruit, topped it up with some juice and waited only ONE hour.

While Court slurped his 'sicle, I, in need of a reward for all my hard work, slipped out the door. 

I headed off to a local junk store in search of some treasure.

I walked away from a vintage school blackboard with wood frame and ledge for chalk that I am starting to regret...

it was $40...

and instead bought these four bowls for $7.

Because I need bowls.

I don't need another chalkboard.

Or do I?

They might be open tomorrow...


  1. Those bowls are great and for $7...Good Decision but then again if you keep thinking about that chalkboard you might need to head back tomorrow ;)

  2. i like chalkboards!

    you will never believe the stuff I came home with! i have a problem!

  3. Great recipe! Love the bowls & I hate it when I leave a treasure and can't stop thinking about it.~Cheers Kim

  4. Love the new bowls ~ maybe go back next week-end and if the chalkboard is still there it will be fate!

  5. i love the bowls
    and super ha ha about the bowling and court :)

  6. Aww, bowls are cute. Especially those.
    And your little fruit-lover sounds SO cute!


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