one and only...

Today I got a valentine from my love and it was just like him...

funny & surprising & sweet ♥.

If I were to give him a valentine that was like me...

the way I have been the last couple of days...

it would have been ugly...

with absolutely no sense of humour.

Ugh. I have been horrible. And I am so very sorry.

There is a 4 person tent in my living room?

Court still has 7 valentines to finish "to-ing" and "from-ing"...
complete with first and last names as suggested by his teacher.

And all I want to do is slow dance with Kevin in the kitchen...

to this song.

My dearest love...

meet. me. there.



  1. Oh Tara - I know the feeling. Its the weather or the kids climbing the walls or something. It makes us a bit edgy. I hope you two love birds are dancing right NOW :D

  2. Happy Valentine's Tara. Love the heart from Court - too sweet!

  3. My oh my you always say things so perfectly. Hope you get that slow dance with your love!! :)

  4. love the tent in the living room. and court's paper heart. at least he was cooperative with the valentine's -- carson refused to fill out or hand out his --i'm thinking it might be the influence of the too cool big brothers -- so sad :(
    and woo hoo for real life romance -- it's not all pretty in marriage but it is beautiful.
    great post

  5. Awww... this is so cute!! I love these ideas!

    Happy Tuesday Darling! xo

  6. Love the paper heart garland in the previous post :)

  7. Love the paper valentine! So sweet! The teacher asking for first and last names is ridiculous. I would've told my kids that last names were optional, but I'm a bit subversive like that. It's been a long time since we've set up a tent in the living room. Thanks for sharing.


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