pish posh

As I write this the five year old is downstairs and he keeps screaming about something. I just can't respond. 

I am no longer the miserable person I was a couple of days ago...

however there is an uneasiness I am feeling and I can't quite shake it.

I think Court just threw something.

I don't think Court is helping my mood.

Can you believe that Court wrote out 23 valentines with first and last names?

And he was the only one to do that.

I am a fool.

All those other parents said pish posh.

Not I.


not I. 

But Court and I kind of had fun...

writing those valentines...

in the four person tent...

in my living room.

We actually laughed at the absurdity.  But of course we kept going.

That is what we do.

We just keep going.  And we laugh.


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