reptiles and electronics

I have never felt more together on a Friday.

I am usually done...spent...exhausted...
but not this week.

And I have the snow day to thank for it. 

It happened right in the middle of the the surprise caramel you find in the centre of a cupcake.

So sweet. 

The kids woke up on Wednesday and stayed in their inside out PJ's all morning.  While they ate overnight popcorn and pancakes with bacon, they created books. 

Court's is called Reptiles and Electronics.  Of course it is.

You will find an iguana next to an iPod...a snake next to a television set...a baby triceratops next to a remote control.

That's the baby triceratops above...just in case you were confusing it with something an adult triceratops.

While the kids made books and played in the snow I did lots of fun stuff...

like organizing LEGO.

Like I said, I've never felt so together...♥


  1. lol, how cute is he! I'm glad you got to spend the day organizing Legos, it's surely every moms dream :)

  2. Glad to hear you enjoyed the snow day with the kids :)

  3. I think most of the country had a snow day this week ~ sadly I do not get them! Glad you had a break mid week and Court's book is cute.

  4. ha ha! i ♥ how his mind works. so cute :)

  5. YAY for snow days! I love how Court combined reptiles and electronics - very creative :-) Who knows, he might be onto some sort of new trend there :-)

    Speaking of a caramel surprise in a cupcake - have you tried the new caramel donuts & muffins at Tim Hortons? Yummy!

    I'm having a blog giveaway for a beautiful horse photograph by Diane Schuller. Hope you'll stop by and enter :-)

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