I'm eating kale...

If you think I may be inspired by this daily picture blog...you would be right.

I want to add each and every shot to my Pinterest.

On the last day of February I had a couple of hours to myself.  I had a looooong list of things I wanted to accomplish.  I did only two of them.

Some of the things I didn't do...

make pillows
sew a skirt for Charlotte like this one
make a hanging pendant like this one
put away all the laundry

I did make these kale chips.  Because I'm going to Florida in 2 weeks and I need to be eating only kale chips.  But of course I'm not eating ONLY kale chips...because if I were the scale would be going down instead of up.

I did eat them at work yesterday and realized they are probably not really appropriate for eating at work...because one might find themselves with green bits in between ones teeth...and co-workers who don't tell you when you have green bits between ones teeth...and you find another reason to hate ones job.

I love bath time.

It is the only time when my little guy stays in one place for a little while.  And I do too. 


  1. My co-workers never told me when I had green bits in my teeth either. That's why I work from home now ;)

    Great photos. I like the titles!

  2. Awww... look at him! What a handsome young man!

    Happy Wednesday Darling! xo

    Oh, and pop by for my perfume GIVEAWAY!!

  3. Great pics!

    and.....I wanna go to Florida!!!!!!!

  4. Great pics!! I miss bath time :)

  5. such a fat day today, should have made kale chips. Gwyneth Paltrow loves kale.
    If I had your bathroom, I would love bath time too.

    so...can I meet up with you in Florida?

  6. hahaha, I had kale chips at work the other day too and thought the exact same thing! Green things in your teeth, not good.

  7. Love the photos! Enjoy Florida!! xxxx

  8. i love bath time with my two boys too!! I don't think i could do kale chips -- have a great time in Florida!

  9. i love the photo a day project...such a cute photo of your little man!

  10. Eek...your window. A thing of beauty.

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