March and maple syrup

I've been eating less refined. It's been a gradual process. Of course I haven't given up sugar completely. If someone offers me a piece of cake at a party...

or I feel like making some chocolate chip banana bread...

I'm cutting myself the first slice.

This weekend we found ourselves at the Maple Syrup Festival at a local heritage village.  It is what you do in March...

when there is still tons of snow on the ground and you are longing to spend some time outside.

Or at least its what girls like me do.

Luckily this year I had some partners in crime to convince Kevin to come..

and here are our dear friends on the proverbial wagon ride.  Kevin got off the ride and asked for directions to the saloon...

so we took him to the Blacksmith Shop instead.

There was some kissing to convince him to stick around...

so that we all could learn a thing or two about life in the olden days.

The olden days is also the term Charlotte recently used to describe the time when I was her age.

Before the internet...

and cell phones.

I did however know someone with a Commodore 64 and someone else with a car phone.

Simple times.


  1. Looks like so much fun! I love things like that.

  2. Have to do this next year. It looks like a lot of fun. I think Henry would get a kick out of it!

  3. ha ha! love the simple times. the kids do that to me -- laugh hysterically at my memories and lack of technology. thankfully, d had a mullet so his stories & pictures are even more hysterical to them ;)


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