We have been going non-stop.  In and out the door...

with no time for stillness.

That was until we found ourselves snowed in with the best of friends on the weekend. 

On Saturday we had left the house in our rain boots, wading through deep puddles to get to the car.  It rained all day and I thought of a quote from a Judy Blume book I read a loooong time ago...

" Who says March is supposed to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb? That's a lot of bull. All it's done this March is rain. "

 I think of that each and every March.  Quotations have a tendency to pepper my thoughts at times...and I can thank Anne Shirley for many of them. 

On Sunday, however,  we returned home to this...

the snow blanketing our yard yet again.

It didn't stop Court from playing some baseball...

or even some Frisbee...

but our cold fingers and toes forced us back inside in no time.

I can't wait to pack our swimsuits and say good-bye to our hats and mitts...if only for a little while.

This week I'll be organizing for our trip...

applying self tanner...

and searching for some stillness.  What are you doing?


  1. searching for the same thing....happy packing!

  2. self tanner is the trickiest! what brand do u use? love the sports in the snow pics

  3. I made Kale Chips with my 3 years old son last night, inspired by your previous post...he LOVED it...reading your blog always reminds me of how much I love to spend time with him...merci

  4. I too am searching on line for some deals in April ~ my first trip to the Dominican and very excited about it!

  5. I once got a spry tan
    it was terrifying
    my husband will be in Florida on business
    maybe you two can hook up

    now, me? what I am up to?
    doing the Friday clean up so that I don't have to clean on the weekend

    and I too crave the stillness
    sick of rushing

  6. spray tan
    I meant to write spray tan

    I have never gotten a spry tan
    those are dangerous ;-)

  7. I hope you have a great March break trip - with a little stillness. We could all do with some of that.


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