We're on holiday...

We are nearing the end of our holiday...

I am typing outside...OUTSIDE people!

Did you know the outside is not the best place to view a computer screen?

 The sun is now halfway up in the sky and each time I look up I'm blinded for a moment...

totally worth it.

Oh the sun.

It's been beautiful here every. single. day.

Oh the moon.

It's been big. And I've had the time to notice it.

Yesterday we went shopping.  Thanks to Kevin's generous and loving parents I had some early birthday money to spend...

at Anthropologie.  What.a.treat.  The fact that I received the lovely gift IN Anthro...

and had no time to spend it on groceries...

or the hydro bill...

was the best part of the present. Thank you...THANK YOU!

I haven't felt much like writing on this trip...

it has been so indulgent and lovely.  Our days have been spent in and out of the water, either here at the pool or down at the beach.

I've finished a book. I've ran in the sand.  I've kissed the brown skin of my kids and my husband.  We've made paper castles and paper swords.

And with everything happening all over the world...the suffering...the conflict

my life has felt a little frivolous. 

Next week it will be back to reality. The small difficulties of my everyday will again surface...

and I'll draw on this sweet filled week in paradise and feel so blessed.


  1. Oh-I'm beyond happy for you. Really. Truly. What an absolute blessing-I believe vacations are a must to keep us going.

    The sun? What is this thing you speak of? You must have left the country--and why didn't I come with you?

    Your photos are absolutely priceless. The top one could win a contest-sent it to Our Canada---but they might not believe you are Canadian because of the fact that there IS sunshine in it.

    Soak this up and hold onto it for me.

  2. Sounds like a perfect vacation...enjoy every minute of it.

  3. SO happy you all look so relaxed and happy... store up the yummy feelings before you come back!! Miss you lots! ~i xoxo

  4. You deserve every.single.moment of it ~ enjoy!

  5. This sounds so perfect. Enjoy every second of it!

  6. Those photos are stunning! What a lovely family!

  7. Amazing pics, looks like everyone had a blast :)


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