what a week...

Wednesday, 6:20 pm
Cheering my pretty little ninja on as she got her green belt.  You can see that Court wasn't too far away...he is never very far away from me.  I wasn't sure if Charlotte was red faced because of the sit-ups or because she was so mad at him for being so close to her.   

Thursday was also a busy day as I raced home from work to take the kids bowling. Now I really don't like bowling...but it was a work thing...and the kids look forward to it.  I don't like sticking my feet into shoes worn by other people or sticking my fingers into holes where other fingers have been. Ugh.

I'm going to blame the bowling ball for the eye infection I then woke up with on Friday morning.  Lovely.  Seriously couldn't open my left eyelid.  But I got myself to work knowing that this would be my last day for a little while...

that we were getting to Florida this year...

that a break from the daily grind was almost at hand.

As I pulled into the house on Friday, this is what greeted me...

Court's Fort.

He made it from an umbrella, some sticks, the recycling bin, a couple of shovels and toys.  It made me smile.

On Saturday morning he showed me around...

this was right before I went for my spray tan.

Oh yes...yes I did.

It wasn't that bad...

but they said it wouldn't smell.

And of course it does.

So although I'm feeling a little more confident about donning a bathing suit...

Court told me I smelled like farts when I lied down with him tonight. 

So if you are in Marco Island, Florida next week and you see a one-eyed lady who smells farty...

well, that would be me.    But don't worry...

I'll be happy.


  1. what a good mommy you are!!! and that fort ROCKS!!!

  2. Well I do hope the one-eyed farty woman has fun in Florida. Sounds just like what you need.

  3. You are so funny!! This story has me laughing, so cute!! Hope you have a great trip :)

  4. Oh I love this!! I am smiling so big right now ~ thank you for that! Have a fabulous March Break ~ Florida style. xo

  5. Have a fantasitc time, smelling farty and all! :)

  6. LOL! So funny! I hope you have a wonderful time : )

  7. Well - once again I have to say that you are absolutely the most adorable, wonderful person EVER.... such a cute story..... and I just know you look beautiful... so sit & read beside the kids while they're playing; with a Starbucks / glass of wine in your hand & your beau nearby.... and only do this week what feels just right :) xoxoxo love ilks

  8. Have fun in Florida, farty smell and all!

  9. baha on the info on spray tans. Kids are FUNNY! That fort is priceless too...

    Hope your eye infection got better, not fun to have it glued tighter than your husband's wallet...

    Yes, lysol those bowling balls and shoes out before you place anything in them. I hear of all these people cleaning with green products, and gosh, good for all of them, but I don't really trust the 'silver' to clean something-get me some bleach. I will come to the bowling alley with you!


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