he is forty

Yesterday my love turned 40.

I had imagined that when he turned the big 4-0, I would have surprised him with a little get away to New York or maybe even a gathering of friends...

but he got breakfast in bed and homemade cards.

I did arrange for the kids to go next door and I took him for a romantic dinner.

We sat in the window.

I wore a bra...highly unusual.

We ordered mushroom bruschetta, beet salad and fried chicken. It was delicious.

I did surprise Kevin and pulled a little candle out of my purse and stuck it in our strawberry rhubarb pie...a la mode.

He made a wish.

We ate the pie...

one slice...

two forks.

I love pie. And Kevin.


  1. ahhhhh.....40.
    my 40th year is just nearing its close...41 any minute now.

    I love you
    and your love
    for your husband
    and pie

    his birthday looked perfect

    after dinner, I can't help but wonder...did that bra come off? ;-)

  2. This post made me smile. Sretan rodendan to your Kevin. That's happy birthday in Croatian. :)

  3. Nice way to spend a birthday. Love the innuendo with the bra comment ;)

    I had my 40th in Nov, enjoyed breakfast in bed too, my hubby spoiled me with a lovely dinner out too!

    Happy Birthday to your Kevin. Life is a party at 40!

  4. Love! Hubster turns 40 over here later this year too. Seems a little strange...I still think of him as 20 something. :)

  5. love this! you're too cute in your at the table pic and i love the labelling on the dinner pic

  6. OK - don't hate me for just reading this now ~ still catching up from vacation.... Kevin and I share a birthday though ~ love this!


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