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Photograph of Jenna Lyons by Melanie Acevedo from Domino Magazine through Habitually Chic
I love the photo above for many reasons. I am posting it because I found it on my hard drive and I have no photos of my own...the camera is out.of.commission.  Let's pretend that's me...OK? 

My birthday was filled with lots of little niceties, including all the thoughtful wishes from my readers, and so I thank you.

When we walked into the Bread Bar that night for my sweet treat, I wondered if I had made a bad decision.

The place was packed...

and Courtland looked like he was preparing to jump off one of the benches...

with his jacket out behind him...

superhero styles.

Thankfully the library book that I shoved into my bag before we ran out the door settled him down and we were able to enjoy every minute...and every crumb.

I'm having a pie moment and so it was a slice of pecan for both Kevin and myself while the kids had brownies and ice cream.  I took in the simple tulips in green glass bud vases on the tables and the pretty candles in mason jars while we devoured our dessert and was so grateful for the moment.

I was also grateful for this note, which arrived in my inbox that morning under the guise of "romantic e-card"...


When I walk upstairs to see you curled in bed at night i am left breathless (Partly because of the stair climb).

When the alarm goes off in the morning to Springsteen or Kenny G, I am excited to see you (it's usually only you or Court in the room)

When I'm cold you warm me when I stick my feet under your butt on the couch (that can't feel good).

You make my Mondays happy. You make the best banana bread and lemon tart in the world (get the lemon fluff recipe from my Mom).

Today you're 38 (not a real popular number). But you look sexier than ever. I mean it.

Today is your day. I am going to enjoy you. I promise.

Happy Birthday,
All my love,

It really was all I needed from him that day.

Yesterday was harder...

the car wouldn't start..

the computer has a virus...

and my camera is getting fixed.

So I made some molten chocolate cakes and called it a day.  Recipe here.


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