Monday birthday

My camera isn't co-operating and so these are the only two pictures I manged to take before it kind of pooped out this weekend. Court doing some hand sewing of an egg. Charlotte and I were trying our hand at some crochet and he wanted to be a part and didn't stop until he was done.  I wish I had been able to document my attempt at those little poppy flowers...I am amazed that after 4 attempts I finally have one. I hope to now say that I am on a roll but we will have to wait and see.

Today is my birthday. It is raining and I do love the rain so...nature's gift after all this snow.  I am spending the day with my handsome little man and we will do everything that he loves to do and that I love too - walking in the rain, the library and something creative.  At the end of the day my family is taking me out for dessert at my favourite sweet spot and I can hardly wait.


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