Spring flowers?

This is what it looked like when I woke up yesterday morning. No freakin' way I said to myself...

actually, I said something much worse...but you get the idea.

Snow. More freakin' snow.

It is now April and I have had enough of the snow. Where are the freakin' crocuses?

To make myself feel better I put on my new birthday present...

the portrait perfect tee.  It made me feel springy. Crocuses or no crocuses.

This is what I ate for lunch almost all week. I think it was Dr. Oz who has suggested that in trying to eat healthy one should keep.it.simple.  Eat the same thing over again. Take the thinking out of the equation.  I'm all for that.

So everyday I've had some vegetable soup (this one is cashew, carrot and ginger) and sourdough gluten free toast with goat cheese, spinach and tomato. I'm eating these bliss balls as a treat. So yummy. 

While I made those bliss balls, I had the kids busy with Meg's chameleons...

we love Meg's craft Thursdays.

This weekend I'm going to try my hand at my own craft...

I'm picking up a crochet hook and starting on this pillow...

The Yvestown Blog

I figure if I can't have some wee flowers outside...

I'll have them inside.


  1. I have the same sentiments about 'freaking crocuses.' I laughed straight out loud at this post. We literally have FEET of snow on the ground still and dear husband informed me another eighteen centimeters are coming tomorrow. Boo hoo!

    Pillow idea is great---I may have to copy.

    Lastly, your lunch looked so tasty in the photo-I was salivating. Then I read that you are eating goat cheese and I applauded you for your healthy ways and was glad that it was you and not me. :)

    Hope you have a really good weekend-crocuses or no crocuses.

  2. If it makes you feel any better we got snow yesterday and it still is off and on as I type. That cushion is adorable Tara and I may just have to fly over and have lunch with you ~ it looks delish!

  3. i won't mention the weather we've had here in CA...i wish i could send some your way. your lunch looks divine! how cute are your little artists!

  4. i want it all (minus the snow) love the pillow and lunch and beautiful bow on the shirt

  5. Oh! I love the little hedgehog stuffie!


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