there was some sewing...

As I peeked in and around the web today I took in all the happy vibes as the sun shone on so many faces this weekend.  Although the sun didn't make a strong appearance around here, the warm air did and we were glad to have it.  Court is now proudly exclaiming that he can ride a bike with two wheels and without a coat too.

Today I pulled out my sewing machine - it was my mother's and the only machine I've ever used.  We are attached and I refuse to give up on her.  She's been all tuned up and didn't let me down today when I managed to finish a little pillow cover...

and those wee crocheted flowers made an appearance too.

On Saturday we rushed into the library just minutes before closing so that Charlotte could grab a book she had put on hold.  Court managed to grab a couple of books during the mad dash and I didn't see what he had picked until just last night.  I expected some Superfriends and got Felicity instead.

I didn't hesitate when he asked me to read it again...and again. Adorable illustrations and a perfect message. Surprise...surprise.


  1. Love the cushion...the fabric has some lovely colours!

    Gemma x

  2. the sewing pics are adorable. a month ago my six year old managed to pick out and sign out the secret lives of girls (a non-fiction tale through puberty) i kid you not. after i found him at home in a corner wide-eyed over the detailed illustrations i told him the library had flagged his card as being to young to sign it out. that's what i get for reading mags while he checks out ;)