the weekend

On good Friday I walked in the woods near our home with the children.  It was cold.  I wore a wool coat and missed my hat.  Court asked if we could go apple picking...appropriate because it felt just like fall.

Spring was no where to be found.

On Saturday I yelled up to Charlotte to wear shorts and packed the kids a backyard picnic lunch.

Hello spring.

Yesterday was a bit of both. Crisp but not cold.  We ate the last of the french lemon tart I made in honour of Kevin's big birthday and hunted for Easter eggs.  Charlotte asked me what a bunny had to do with thoughts exactly.

In between picking up bits of coloured foil, I will be working on a little project today.  It started when Kevin, without warning, tore out our powder room sink.  Here's a sneak peek...

and some inspiration.

Scanned from Canadian House and Home December 2010
Photo by Angus Fergusson


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