if you don't know where I am...look on pinterest

I'm getting lost in Pinterest. Are you?

This morning I found the perfect inspiration for our kitchen renovation in a pin by Staci Edwards...

Kitchenlab-Chicago via pinterest/staci edwards

which incorporates what we already have ie. white cupboards, subway tile...

with what we will be building ie. a contrasting cupboard with marble top.

I was so happy to see the dark wood trim! Seriously jumping up and down happy.  Because as much as I would love to paint all the trim in our dining room/living room I don't have the time, energy or money to do it.

I am also jumping up and down for the toilet that was re-installed in my powder room this past weekend.

I'm hoping it will stop Court from peeing off the back stoop. Jumpy claps all around for that. 

Here he is before dashing off to a Super Spy birthday party on Sunday...

and here he is on the stoop...not peeing.

I pulled out a size 2 blazer from storage and made a bow tie out of black felt to transform him into James Bond. It worked.


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