pop up pillow

What do you do when your house is covered in plaster dust, laundry is piled waist high and you still have tile to grout? You make a pillow cover.

That's what I did on Sunday when I found myself alone in the house for one whole hour.

I rescued this remnant of a bed spread from the drop cloth pile and turned it into a little pillow.  Don't look closely as it was nearly impossible to find a big enough piece without some paint splatter.

I feel a bit of a cold coming on.  It's hard to avoid when your kids hand you their snotty tissues.  There is nothing I would like to do more at this very moment than lay my head down on my new nubby cushion and rest up.  I am however off to a very long day of work which will find me coming home in the dark.  Perhaps tomorrow...


  1. Hope you feel better soon, it's miserable being sick especially when you have demanding little kids to attend to! Love the pillow :)

  2. Looks wonderful! I want to make some pillows out of vintage silk scarves but I haven't worked up the nerve yet. I too relate to the tissue problem...

  3. i hope the cold doesn't hit you full tilt -- lovely pillow!

  4. rest up :) i LOVE the pillow and chair. i craft to relax too

  5. are you a hooker?
    why working so late? ;-)

    your pillow is awesome
    and so are you

  6. What a great way to keep a part of the past ~ meaning those old chenille bedspreads ~ they remind me of the farm! Happy Mother's Day. xo

  7. oh those blasted tissues...hope you feel better soon!


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