A post where I use the words unsettled, unravel and frazzled mess

There is nothing like spending some time in the ER on a Thursday afternoon....

total awesomeness.

I'm feeling unsettled and this almost made me completely unravel.

I just happened to be at the school when it occurred...the accident that caused Court to need two staples in his head.  I was in the gym looking forward to hearing Charlotte sing.  A student ran in saying that there was a bleeder on the playground.  I hoped it wasn't my bleeder.

It was my bleeder.

The staples are now out.  I extracted them last night and both Court and I decided that I wasn't very good at it.  I was a frazzled mess when the ER Dr. explained how to do it so this is not surprising.

Last night I felt like I did that first night in the hospital after Charlotte was born.  Charlotte was full of mucous.  Aren't you glad you are still reading?  Anyhoo...Charlotte brought up all over her little newborn self.  I looked around.  There was only me...and her. It was then that I realized that I was the only one that was going to have to deal with this.  I was the mother.  Mother's clean up their puky babies...and extract staples. The end.

Kevin and I got a date night on Sunday after both kids were invited to sleepovers.  Such a gift.  I pretended I was Miss James and Kevin captured me with his iphone. 

Ridiculous.  That's what happens when wine is $1 an ounce.  Thank you Earth to Table.


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