pretty posies

Our days have been spent working on the house - there is the ongoing kitchen renovation...the filling and patching of holes from the electrical update...and of course the wee powder room reno.  I have been trying really hard to remain sane.  I admit it hasn't been easy.

I am missing my camera.  The iPod is a poor substitute.  I was inspired by the Coriander Girl article in Pure Green Living  online magazine to make a couple of posies for two favourite friends on Saturday...

I needed an excuse to get outside and away from the chaos inside and this was it.

In one week we will celebrate Charlotte's 10th birthday.  She has requested the same cake I surprised her with last year...

Cake inspiration was found here.

and this year I am hoping to surprise her with a version of the bag Jade made for her daughter here.

But first I have to sweep the plaster dust from my fabric scraps...


  1. Tara, those posies are gorgeous! And I cannot believe you made that cake, it turned out amazing. I've been tempted for ages but have never had the courage to try. I'm inspired ...

  2. I love your lily of the valley ~ mine should be out anytime now ~ hopefully the heat this week will help! I do not think I have seen the blue ~ will have to check that out! I also want some pink... Love that cake and that bag is cute cute, cute!

  3. Who wouldn't want that cake a second time around! I've seen many versions of this cake and yours is a stunner.

  4. love all the projects! beautiful!

  5. Gorgeous flower arrangements!!

  6. That is an awesome cake! Sounds like you had a busy week! Aak! A trip to ER, no fun. I have one of those too. My son has visited on numerous occasions, it just means they play hard!

  7. you are the best mom! mom of the year!


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