Little things

Yesterday morning while showering I placed a scrub sponge under my foot and cleaned the tub while I washed my hair. That pretty much sums up my life right now.

It's the little things that mean so much at the moment.  The mom that comes and rescues my kid from a day of watching me sand plaster and wears him out enough that bedtime comes before dark and sleep comes right after prayers are said.

It's a trip to the farmer's market on foot...

with the Hulk.

Where we found a new furry friend.

And an old one.

There is also the almost finished powder room that has me sighing.  Here's a sneak peak...

...oh and those mock orange blossoms are the bomb.

And this girl...

and her 8 friends that showered her with love and presents at her 10th birthday party...I adore.

Marcel the shell

I have my camera back but the only pictures I have taken are of the inside of my car.

I have had no access to my kitchen for three days now as our  new tile floor is being professionals thank heavens.

I practically knocked myself out on the weekend by hitting my head on a low lying galvanized pipe in the basement...only to do it again moments later. Brilliant I am.

There have been beautiful moments amongst the bedlam...a parade and $1 hot dogs in our little village, wine on the porch, take out dinners under the trees.  As the little boy and I watched balloons floating up, slipping from the grip of tiny hands, he declared that the astronauts would now be able to enjoy the parade themselves up in outer space.  Of course they would,  I said.

And this little video. Adorable.

Life with Kevin...

we now have lights working upstairs...yipee!

Life with Kevin.  That sounds like an After-School they even do those anymore??

Life with Kevin isn't always easy.

In a perhaps you should discuss tearing out walls in your house with your wife kind of way.  In a maybe you should think of the consequences before going ahead and doing kind of way.

It has been hard and exhausting living at my house lately.  I just can't keep up with the reno mess. I'm tired. I just want to lie down here...

but you will likely find me with mop and broom in hand at 10 pm.

Yesterday morning, I arrived at work to a voice message.  It was Kevin.  He had left it the night before.  Probably when I was either sweeping up or trying desperately not to fall asleep beside my son.  He just wanted to tell me that he loved me. That's all.

So life with Kevin isn't easy. No. But it is something else that makes me feel like the luckiest person in the world sometimes.

I managed to take a little time on Monday to make something special for my now 10 year old Charlotte.  I unplugged the shop vac and plugged in my sewing machine and made this...

and filled it with presents - a National Geographic Kids magazine...a DS knitting needles and wool...skorts and shorts.  Charlotte...10.years.old.

Into the archives...

This Saturday morning has me feeling a little misty and melancholy.

Perhaps it is the fact that Charlotte will be hitting the double digits in a couple of days...

or maybe my still-being-fixed camera...

that has me digging into the archives.

March 2006 at the old house on the hill

I'm kinda missing those rolled up jeans and plethora of pink days.  Charlotte has recently declared that "pinky is stinky" and has requested a makeover of her room.   She still adores her daddy who I'm kinda missing as well as he kicks it up with friends for the weekend.

I do know I was affected by this beautiful 'lil bee post this week. Do me a favour and go read it now so we can be misty together.