Into the archives...

This Saturday morning has me feeling a little misty and melancholy.

Perhaps it is the fact that Charlotte will be hitting the double digits in a couple of days...

or maybe my still-being-fixed camera...

that has me digging into the archives.

March 2006 at the old house on the hill

I'm kinda missing those rolled up jeans and plethora of pink days.  Charlotte has recently declared that "pinky is stinky" and has requested a makeover of her room.   She still adores her daddy who I'm kinda missing as well as he kicks it up with friends for the weekend.

I do know I was affected by this beautiful 'lil bee post this week. Do me a favour and go read it now so we can be misty together.


  1. lovely post - yours and hers... lovely!

  2. Our oldest just graduated a couple of weeks ago after being homeschooled for eleven years. Talk about misty...

    I'm not ready for mine to be grown and gone. I am holding on as long as possible but as loosely as possible also. Boy, it's hard letting go.

    "Pinky is stinky" cute.

  3. very sweet :) and beautiful room! what color and scheme do u have planned for it?

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