Marcel the shell

I have my camera back but the only pictures I have taken are of the inside of my car.

I have had no access to my kitchen for three days now as our  new tile floor is being professionals thank heavens.

I practically knocked myself out on the weekend by hitting my head on a low lying galvanized pipe in the basement...only to do it again moments later. Brilliant I am.

There have been beautiful moments amongst the bedlam...a parade and $1 hot dogs in our little village, wine on the porch, take out dinners under the trees.  As the little boy and I watched balloons floating up, slipping from the grip of tiny hands, he declared that the astronauts would now be able to enjoy the parade themselves up in outer space.  Of course they would,  I said.

And this little video. Adorable.


  1. love it! woo hoo for new floors. & the beautiful moments sound amazing :)

  2. Your little boy is adorable! Can't wait to see your kitchen. :)

  3. My first thought was "nice girl ~ not very bright" for hitting your head on the same pipe twice! Honestly Tara it sounds like something I would do! Love your list ~ wine on the porch and take out dinners under the trees. Best of all is new tile being laid by the pros. xo


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