Life with Kevin...

we now have lights working upstairs...yipee!

Life with Kevin.  That sounds like an After-School they even do those anymore??

Life with Kevin isn't always easy.

In a perhaps you should discuss tearing out walls in your house with your wife kind of way.  In a maybe you should think of the consequences before going ahead and doing kind of way.

It has been hard and exhausting living at my house lately.  I just can't keep up with the reno mess. I'm tired. I just want to lie down here...

but you will likely find me with mop and broom in hand at 10 pm.

Yesterday morning, I arrived at work to a voice message.  It was Kevin.  He had left it the night before.  Probably when I was either sweeping up or trying desperately not to fall asleep beside my son.  He just wanted to tell me that he loved me. That's all.

So life with Kevin isn't easy. No. But it is something else that makes me feel like the luckiest person in the world sometimes.

I managed to take a little time on Monday to make something special for my now 10 year old Charlotte.  I unplugged the shop vac and plugged in my sewing machine and made this...

and filled it with presents - a National Geographic Kids magazine...a DS knitting needles and wool...skorts and shorts.  Charlotte...10.years.old.


  1. How sweet (the voicemail as well as the gift for Charlotte) :)

    Hope you have a great weekend Tara!

  2. Love the prezzies!!!

    I wish my man would pick up a hammer...well, sometimes...most of the time I am glad we wait for the professionals!!!

    happy friday!

  3. What a great thing to greet you when you get to work. I usually cringe when I see my message light lit up when I get there though! Renos are exhausting and I want to just let everything else go until they are completed ~ realistically that is not possible but we can dream! Love the bag you made Charlotte ~ 10 candles ~ wow. Happy Birthday to her... xo

  4. lovely post. the midst of reno's are always hard and the end doesn't seem as though it's anywhere in sight. Hang in there -

    lovely bag for your daughter, hope she loved it! have a great weekend!

  5. if Life with Kevin were an after school special, I think it would be Kevin would be deaf or blind...

    life with kevin sounds an awful lot like life with nick

  6. I can sooo relate to your post! It sounds eerily like Life with Tony over the past 6+ months, here at my place. I'm ready to tear my hair out & run screaming from my house!

  7. beautiful gift! and beautiful family :) enjoy! i'm doing's 30 day encourage your husband challenge right now so loving the tales of sweet lovey exchanges. God bless :)


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