Picked out

I'm sitting here listening to the Friday Night Lights TV Soundtrack Vol. 2 that I serendipitously found waiting for me at the library tonight and lamenting the ending of the series.  Never have I felt so strongly about a TV show unless you count my obsession with Little House as a child.  I watched the series finale last night and today I am mourning. I have pulled apart the inside of the CD case and find myself reading the words of Jason Katims, Executive Producer...If you are reading this it means you either have a lot of time on your hands or more likely you are a die hard fan of the show.  Yes, Jason, I am a die hard fan because I really, truly do not have ANY time on my hands.  Sniff, sniff.

On the weekend I found myself with an hour between a drop off and a pick up and I was hoping to do some picking myself.  Strawberries. But when Charlotte and I pulled up to the farm the sign said Picked Out.

Disappointing...yes.  Instead we continued on to the local orchard for a peanut butter cookie and a little hanging out.

It won't be long until the raspberries will be ready and we'll try again.


  1. Sorry the program you like is finished. Hopefully you'll find a new one : )

    Gemma x

    P.s- Happy Friday !

  2. I only watched the first season of FNL, but I adored it. It was off the air for a bit and I didn't catch it when it can back on NBC, so I vowed I would buy it all on DVD to watch. I can't wait, one of my favourite shows ever.

  3. I really do not like it when they cancel a show that I love ~ I feel that way about Brothers & Sisters ~ at least they gave it a series finale ~ still sucks though.... I made biscuits tonight and we are have shortcake shortly. Happy week-end!

  4. Oh my... pick strawberries is on my summer list and I have yet to get there... bummer.

  5. i am mourning the end of that show like i've lost friends. i was introduced to it by my teenage son who continued to watch it even after he realized, 'it's really not about football mom.'

    great writing, great characters, music, settings...i loved every minute. know that a friend way down in texas is as sad as you are.

    as much as i hated to see it end, it has to be the best series ending ever.


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