remembering reality bites

The sticky air and my freshly laundered sheets have me thinking of Italy in August.  It was hot and I was 22. The stairwell looked out onto a courtyard full of clotheslines.  I hopped into a true roman shower and then laid down on the bed still damp and fell asleep - it was the only way to do so.

There are moments that I have at times taken for granted that I am now so very grateful to have had.  The three weeks of summer that I spent Europe bound was one of them. My friend and I carried our clothes on our back and ate dried sausage and baguette on park benches.  We rented bicycles in France and rode a bus around Florence.  It was the first cool night of the trip and I remember laying in the dark on the top bunk in a hostel outside of Paris, grateful for the scratchy blanket folded at my feet.  In my hands was a Walkman and over my ears were the headphones.  Inside a mixed tape playing Stay by Lisa Loeb.

I've already made a Summer of 2011 playlist.  It will remind me later of the seemingly endless home renovations and also the hope that accompanied them. Change. A new job. Free Sunday Swims at the public pool. The heat. The perpetual feeling of being almost done.

Finding Kevin's Old Spice deodorant in the oddest places.


  1. I think I need a Summer of 2011 playlist too. Sweet post, sweet photos Tara.

  2. I am not sure you are fully able to appreciate how lucky you are to be backpacking around Europe (or traveling anywhere) when you are 22...*sigh*

    If I could go back, I would be 22 again! Just for that summer!!!! I had my mix CDs with me, and to this day when I hear Wooden Ships, by CSNY I am transported back to a train platform, in Spain, where I sat alone with my backpack (and a cigarette, bad mommy!) in the early morning waiting for the train to Paris.

    Cheers to being ALMOST DONE!

  3. What great memories ~ isn't it amazing that we never seem to realize how lucky we are at the time. Congrats to being almost done ~ it will happen ~ keep the faith!

  4. This is such a wonderful post! I almost forgot about that song...listening to it reminded me of times past....funny how songs, smells, the hot sticky weather can take us back, just like that.

    I love the sweet photo of your daughter and the table set so simply and yet with so much thought.


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