Why it is August now isn't it and so far it has been what I would have wanted it to be.  Fresher than our sticky July.  Summer.  But not quite.

Today on my lunch break I walked the city streets and felt the mid day sun on my face and smiled at perfect strangers.  Knowing that I am now just steps away from this place...

and a treat of good coffee served with steamed almond milk feels good.  Wading finally into the first two seasons of Mad Men after a year on the library waiting list feels good too.

As does my closet with it's line up of freshly hand-laundered shirts.  Which only goes to remind me of the  Fieldguided photograph hanging in my powder room.

Picked up along with the mini meow tote which hangs in said closet waiting to be gifted to its rightful owner, my cat-loving dear friend JP.

 I'm almost giddy with excitement over The Beehive Summer Craft Fair this weekend and sharing it with a spirit most kindred.

And it's market day.


  1. Yup.
    August already.
    I'd love to hit the coffee shop with you...

    I have an idea..

    let's do it.
    bloggers who love coffee get together.

    Let's plan it.

  2. Such wonderful and whimsical pictures--thanks for sharing. :)


  3. those are some deliciously ugly carrots!

  4. So many things to make you smile ~ sounds like a perfect time to me.

  5. I'm liking the cooler temps August has brought and the simple pleasures that summer always delivers. Hope you buy something good at the craft fair!

  6. ha ha with the carrot comment. love the pics

  7. Sounds like you're having a great August :-) Overall, this summer has actually been pretty good - much better than a few years ago when it seemed to rain every weekend.

    Love the star light in your powder room :-)

  8. Such a fun post and perfect evening with the loveliest friend :):) Yup, August.. with a September soon feeling in the kids' faces ... and lots of changes... a little exciting, sweet girl!! :):)~i xo


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