autumn I adore

The simple things that make me happy. An old fashioned whistling kettle after my electric one kicked the bucket. Puzzles. And I did it. I made bread. I baked it on a Sunday and it was lunch bag bound all week. It was then and there that I decided I would do this each and every Sunday. But of course that was 4 weeks ago and it's been store bought ever since. This weekend I have hopes for more bread making, apple picking and soup stirring. Hello autumn - I adore you.

The whole wheat honey oat bread recipe was found here. It's a sweet little book...

summer saturday

When back to school week started I was feeling like a rock star. Then I unravelled.  Now I am somewhere in between. There have been small significant joys amongst the up and down.  Isn't there always? Making Emma's best pancakes and serving them with bacon from a local farm.  It has become a weekly tradition to hit the Farmer's Market, housed in the building where I work, every Friday for fresh eggs and bacon and berries.  The makings for a perfect Saturday morning breakfast.

We have to back track because I am now weeks behind in posts and I don't want to let the moments slip away.  There was the Saturday we drove the back roads to a spot where we hoped the rain wouldn't find us.  The drive ended at a small town fair and we pretended to fit in.  I realize now it would be the last hot day of the summer and the last time we craved lemonade. 

it turned colder - that's where it ends

Before the hot and humid Saturday and the chilly Labour day Monday and way before the back-to-school Tuesday,  there was a Thursday.  The last date night of the summer was spent sipping cheap wine and reading online. Husbandmade margherita pizza.   Buffalo mozzarella picked up that day from the farmer's market, tomato and basil. Simple. Slow.  And finally a beer and a bit of Trivial Pursuit at the bar where we laughed and laughed.